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Iowa’s offense has been a hot topic in college football this season. The offense has also dealt with multiple injuries in the receiver room this year and the departure of Charlie Jones through the portal to transfer to Purdue.

On Wednesday, Hawkeye WR coach Kelton Copeland met with the media and addressed some of the challenges of building Iowa’s receiver room. According to Copeland, players “have to be a unique young man to play” receiver for the Hawkeyes.

Copeland also acknowledged that most receivers “probably aren’t going to get the targets you think they should get” in the Hawkeyes’ offense. He even referenced the parents of one receiver, who Copeland claims he talked to on the phone in preparation for last year’s B1G championship.

“I don’t want to be negative. But to be completely honest with you, I think, in my experience, especially here in Iowa, the bigger problem is the parents… If your individual success or your child’s individual success is more important than the team’s success, this is not the place for you. “

“Last year, the week of the Big Ten championship, we’re getting ready to play Michigan, a really good opponent, obviously. Big, big game. I’m coaching a Big Ten championship for the first time in my career, so it was a big opportunity in my mind, right? On the Wednesday of Big Ten Championship week, I get calls from two parents who want to talk to me about why their son is no longer touching the ball or getting a chance. So I spent 40 minutes of my Big Ten Championship on Wednesday night talking to these parents about why their son doesn’t have a chance, while I try to do everything I can to make sure we’re successful in the game Big Ten Championship vs. Michigan. “

We’ll see how Iowa’s offense shapes up the rest of the season and at wide receiver, but things seem to have taken a big step in back-to-back wins. Hopefully the unit can keep it up against Wisconsin.

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