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NEW YORK, NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 1: Actress, producer and avid traveler Issa Rae leads a fireside chat during AmericanExpress Travel's Trending Destinations 2023 event at The Beekman Hotel in New York City.  (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for American Express)

Image source: Getty Images / Bryan Bedder / American Express

From presenting “Rap Sh*t” right after wrapping “Insecure” to starring in the highly anticipated movie “Barbie,” Issa Rae has had quite the busy year. But the actor and producer made sure to take the holiday time to toast his successes and his recent nuptials.

Rae reveals to POPSUGAR that she took a break last January for a “part honeymoon, part solo” trip, describing the getaway as her all-time favorite. To celebrate American Express Travel unveiling its list of fashion destinations for 2023, the Hoorae Media founder hosted an evening inspired by Paris, one of the renowned cities and a destination that was part of her honeymoon, where Rae sat down with us to chat

“It was very rewarding.”

“It was the first break I’ve had in a long time,” he shares, adding that Mauritius, Arizona, Mexico and Paris were part of his travels. “It was very rewarding … it was a close-your-eyes-and-point-on-a-map type of travel. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a chance to do that, so I was just like, ‘Where do I want to go that I haven’t been able to go, is that all over the world?'” France in particular is a special place for the actor, in part because his lactose intolerance magically disappears when he’s there. “It’s the only place where I can eat cheese and not get in trouble,” she says. “It’s a blessing. Rae also exchanged vows with her husband, businessman Louis Dame, in an intimate ceremony in the south of France in July 2021.

For her next dream destination, Rae is looking at “any island,” meaning Fiji or the Maldives. “The goal for me with my trip is where I can relax with a drink in hand, by the water,” she says. “I think the most calming place on earth is just by the water.” But whether it’s a relaxing vacation or a business trip, you should always have headphones, your journal (which you try to write freely every day) and a good pair of travel sneakers, preferably from Allbirds. “I love to hike and I love, love, love, love to walk,” he adds.

While the actor’s upcoming trips, which include island hopping to Barbados for Thanksgiving and a family trip to Senegal over the holidays, call for some action and adventure, Rae admits that on a girls’ trip she’s “the friend that she would literally be happy if we stayed in the hotel and drank all day.” “I’m not the planner friend. We have two of these in my group of friends who will take the reins and say, ‘Let’s go here, here and here.’ And I’ll be the friend like, ‘You can go, or I’ll come,'” she shares , though she “definitely got into girl-trip fights” that are straight out of “Insecure.”


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