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José Andrés believes in spreading social awareness through food culture and there is no doubt that he is committed. PBS states on Andrés’ popular show “Made in Spain,” the chef travels back to his native country to show you the heritage behind every authentic dish he makes on screen in his Washington, DC kitchen. In his new show premiering December 27 on Discovery+, Andrés is taking a new approach to spreading cultural awareness, traveling with his three daughters to Spain in a documentary series titled “José Andrés and the Family in Spain.”

According to Yahoo!, the family will travel to cities such as Andalusia, Barcelona or Madrid to try the best food in Spain. In addition to the food, viewers will be able to experience part of Spanish culture by seeing how everyday life unfolds in another country. The show will feature notable chefs and guests who will provide additional information on the featured dishes. However, this is not Andrés’ first foray into screen documentary material. In May 2022, the chef appeared in a documentary about World Central Kitchen through National Geographic. Regarding Andrés’ new show, the chef says that “there is no better way to get to know Spanish culture than with fork and spoon in hand.”


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