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The Scottish Football Association has admitted a VAR error in Celtic’s win over Motherwell as the correct 18-yard camera failed to capture the controversial offside incident.

Jota scored for the visitors at Fir Park before a VAR review where he was found to have been offside.

The footage used to make the decision came from a camera that captured a wider view of the park from the opposite half of the pitch.

However, Referee Operations have defended the decision, insisting that the Hawk-Eye technology is “designed to calibrate an accurate offside decision” from the camera’s position on the 18-yard line.

The statement said the host broadcaster had received feedback about the incident as part of “our regular review of system performance”.

A statement released by the Scottish Football Association’s Referee Operations read: “Referee Operations can confirm that during the VAR review of the Motherwell v Celtic match, footage from the relevant camera on the 18 yard line did not capture an appropriate view of the incident.

“While the broadcast footage could only show viewers the wider camera angle, the Hawk-Eye technology is designed to calibrate an accurate offside decision from either of the two camera positions on the 18-yard line, with a subsequent VAR review finding that the Celtic player had received the ball is offside.

“We have provided feedback on the incident to the host broadcaster as part of our regular system performance review.”


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