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In March 2020, I found myself where many of us were at the time: stuck in my house, drowning in online schoolwork, and bored. My screen time was through the roof, largely due to the hours I spent scrolling through TikTok each night, and my supply of Netflix series to binge was quickly depleting. I was in a funk and desperately needed some new and engaging content to distract me. Fortunately, a hero came in the form of Kara and Nate, a husband and wife filming their life and putting it on YouTube.

Kara and Nate are not your typical vloggers. The two started posting on YouTube during a year spent traveling after they moved out of their Nashville apartment and packed away all their belongings. Their honeymoon in Belize opened their eyes to what travel had to offer, and they were longing for more. In 2016, they boarded a plane to Tokyo with every intention of returning to Nashville, but the end of the year didn’t bring them home. As their channel grew, they rejected the idea of ​​”settling down” and set themselves the goal of visiting 100 countries, which they achieved in early 2020 after only four years of travel.

Of course, when I came across their channel, I started from the beginning, eagerly watching as they went from Tokyo to Singapore to Thailand and more. It was like finding a new show I loved or reading a book I couldn’t put down. I was anxious to see where they were going next and what they did below. As I looked further, I found myself compiling a list of places I wanted to visit based on where Kara and Nate had traveled: an Antarctic cruise, an overwater bungalow in the Maldives, and a bike trip along the Tuscan Trail. Watching their videos, I was infected with the same thing that led Kara and Nate to start their channel in the first place: the travel bug.


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