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The Commissioner of Entrance Examinations (CEE) Kerala has announced the second allotment for PG Medical Courses-2022 Kerala in State Government Medical Colleges, Regional Cancer Center (RCC), Thiruvananthapuram and Private Self-Financing Medical Colleges.

Allotment is based on rank in merit list and category list of Kerala state and on the basis of options submitted by the candidates. The allotment was done by excluding those candidates admitted up to the 2nd round of All India Counseling as per the guidelines issued by MCC and NMC. The list of ineligible candidates is published on the website.

To view the allotment results, candidates need to login to ‘PG Medical 2022 – Candidate Portal’ by entering their application number and password. Then candidates can view their allotment result by clicking on ‘Allotment Result’ link. The allotment memorandum and data sheet are available on the candidate portal. Candidates are advised to make copies of the allotment notification and save it for later reference as the notification will not be available on the portal once the allotment process is over.

Allotted candidates must report physically for joining at the allotted colleges from 01.11.2022 to 03.11.2022 at 03.11.2022 with allotment notice and data sheet and required documents mentioned in the allotment notice and prospectus. The prescribed fee should be remitted to the allotted faculty at the time of enrolment. All the College authorities have been directed to confirm the list of admitted candidates through Online Admission Management System (OAMS) before 4.00 pm on 03/11/2022.

Those candidates who do not join the allotted colleges within the stipulated time will lose their allotment.

If a candidate who has been allotted a seat in the first phase has retained the same seat after the second phase of allotment, he need not go through the joining process again and will be deemed to have joined in the second round if he continues in the admission status after the last date of joining , specified for the second phase.

A candidate who joins the second round cannot participate in further rounds of counselling. Rental of seats will not be allowed. This is also in accordance with the regulations issued by the National Medical Board under which a candidate admitted in the All India or State second round will not be considered for further stages of All India or State counselling. The list of candidates admitted on the last date of admission in Phase 2 will be sent to MCC as the list of candidates who are not eligible to participate in further rounds of All India or State Counselling.

Exit Conditions and Mop-up Award Guidelines; Penal terms in Phase 2; Mop-up round and option registration; Candidates who will be excluded at the state review stage; Punishment conditions in the cleaning phase, etc. are mentioned in the detailed notification at


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