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The Consumentenbond is taking KLM to court to demand that the Dutch airline refund passengers on canceled KLM flights booked through bankrupt travel agency D-Reizen. According to the consumer association, KLM is responsible for around 800 euros per person in damages.

KLM argues that it is not responsible for the refunds as it already paid the refunds to D-Reizen months before its bankruptcy. But the travel agency never passed on those refunds to travelers before it went bankrupt.

According to the Consumentenbond, passengers are still entitled to a refund from the airline, as set out in European regulations.

“This court case did not come about by chance,” said Consumentenbond director Sandra Molenaar. “We spoke to KLM earlier this year to no avail. We then asked Minister Mark Harbers (Infrastructure and Water Management) to intervene. He confirmed that the airline remains responsible for consumers receiving their refunds and promised to bring this to KLM’s attention “.

Molenaar said the European Commission, several judges and the transport inspectorate have also ruled that consumers are still entitled to a refund. “But still, KLM is not crossing the bridge. KLM apparently believes it is above the law and no longer has to worry about it. That is shocking. And that is why we are now going to trial on behalf of a consumer. If the court finds us right, other victims can win too.”


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