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Travel is magic, a way to expand your experience, refresh your spirit, and find a new appreciation for the world at large. But traveling can also be exhausting, especially if you’re flying out of LAX, and even more so if you’re flying out of LAX during the holidays. Los Angeles’ main airport is crowded and uncomfortable, with inadequate public transportation, expensive parking, long lines, and endless construction that muffles everything. The ongoing construction will supposedly be finished and the lack of public transportation options will be resolved before the 2028 Olympics, but in the meantime it makes traveling downtown a wild card of inconvenient adventures.

Fortunately, it’s not the only option for flying out of the Los Angeles area: there are other airports near LAX within relatively easy driving range, each of which is smaller and more manageable. But they also have their own strengths and weaknesses, depending on your destination. To help you figure out which one best suits your needs, here’s everything you need to know about LAX’s other airports. And if you’re looking for a guide to San Diego International Airport, we’ve got that, too.

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