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VIJAYAWADA: The tactic of running private degree colleges to start online admissions ahead of the APSCHE notification seems to be a challenge for government degree colleges. The late release of the admission notification by APSCHE has turned out to be a boon for the private college management as students are wasting no time to secure their future by taking admission in private seats instead of waiting for the government one.

dr. Ms. Lalitha Reddy, President of the erstwhile Krishna District College Teachers Association (GCTA), said, “When the students came for admission after the intermediate results, we could not admit them because we did not publish the APSCHE notification, the result, the private colleges caught them.”

On the other hand, the president of APSCHE, prof. K. Hemachandra Reddy, refuted all the claims and said, “The allegations are vague that late online admissions to colleges are reducing the country’s low Gross Enrollment Rate (GER). OAMDC banned some private colleges from unethical practices and admissions to government colleges increased. This year, about 1,000 students failed at the intermediate level and enthusiasm for engineering has increased in the country.”

Dr K Bhagya Lakhshmi, Principal, SRR State Degree College, said, “We have offered 28 programs this academic year, out of which 6 to 8 programs will be infeasible. Although we campaigned, the delay in enrollment affected the enrollment rate, with many prestigious colleges failing to reach even 20% of their permitted student enrollment.”

“Lecturers were directed to campaign in feeder colleges and encourage students to join government colleges, but it did not yield the expected result. Only the state faculties do not have an ongoing enrollment process, the start of which could prove to be successful for us,” she added.

Reducing GER also has a negative effect on lecturers. dr. T Sasikanth Reddy, GCTA president of erstwhile YSR Kadapa district said, “The higher education commissioner has transferred lecturers in the name of rationalization. Although OAMDC is a good procedure, the delay in issuing notification by APSCHE is increasing the dropout rate of students and private joining has increased.”


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