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CARLTON – A mother of five involved in a Carlton County child welfare case made a limited confession during a hearing Tuesday, Nov. 15.

Judge Rebekka Stumme ordered that the situation remain the same, with three children continuing probationary home visitation and the other two remaining in their current placement.

Nicole Ammesmaki, the children’s legal mother, acknowledged that the children needed protection and services.

She added that she is ready to do whatever the court requires to keep the children in her custody.

Petitioner Danielle Martineau also testified during the hearing, as the other two children have been in her custody since January. Martineau is an aunt to the children in her care and said they are doing very well.

“They have adjusted very well and are doing great in school and other cultural activities,” she said.

Stumme’s order will transfer custody of the children to Martineau, which Ammesmaki agreed to.

Rebecca McConkey-Greene, Martineau’s attorney, explained that this does not mean that Martineau adopted the children, but that she has legal and physical custody of them.

“If things were to change in the future … we would have to go to court to influence future custody transfers,” she said.

Melinda Nelms, the children’s guardian ad litem, said she supports the placements and that the children in Martineau’s care appear to be happy.

Stumme said she appreciates the cooperation between the two sides to create the best outcome for the children involved.

She added that continued supervision of children will be important to ensure everyone is safe.

Ammesmaki faced three counts of maliciously punishing a child and pleaded guilty on November 8. By pleading guilty, she accepted an agreement to serve one year of court supervision and 30 days in the Carlton County Jail or pay a $1,000 fine. At the hearing, Ammesmaki said she wanted to pay the fine.

As part of the agreement, she also had to send an apology to one of the children who was under her care.


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