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Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra, who is known for his tweets, shared a short video clip of a ‘wild sambar deer’ standing outside a shop where people fed him food and water. The billionaire posted the footage of the deer on his official Twitter handle on Friday.

In the video, a shop owner and a street vendor are seen feeding a deer standing outside a daily necessities shop. It seems that the people were not surprised or frightened by the deer, rather they seemed aware of its presence in the area.

Mahindra also said that deer come here from the forest for ‘daily shopping’ and ‘sampling tours’.

“Just saw this in my #signalwonderbox wild sumber deer who seems to be a discerning foodie. Comes through the forest daily for shopping and sampling tours. Peaceful coexistence but I hope this doesn’t make him a lazy natural forager. ?” Anand Mahindra captioned the video.

Since being posted, the video has received nearly 41.8k views, 1,800 likes, 166 retweets, and countless reactions in the comment box.

“If a deer loves a man, he’s a good man, if a man loves a deer, he’s a good man,” said one user.

“He must have been human in his previous life, which he must have remembered and gone to meet his people,” commented another user.

A third user shared a similar experience and said, “Last week, I encountered this beast in Gir National Forest during a jungle safari.” He also posted a photo of the animal he encountered.

“Once people start feeding wild animals, they get used to it and start entering human-dominated areas. Let’s let wild animals live in peace in their natural habitats. ” Another person wrote.

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