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– Loud noise and urination
– Useful sound presets
– Light weight and comfortable
– Compact and pocketable charging case
– The battery is good
– IPX4 splash resistance
– Programmable touch control with volume control

– Below-par call quality
– Sounds a little too bright at high volume
– No support for multiple themes

Price: Rs 1,999

Rating: 3.8/5

Not long ago we reviewed the Oppo Enco X2 TWS earbuds, the company’s best product, and were pleased with them. While that leads to different users, what we have for you today is aimed at the masses, given its attractive prices. The Enco X2 has managed to increase the performance around the Rs 10,000 mark. Can Oppo Enco Buds2 do the same in the 2K segment? Let’s learn.

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Oppo Enco Buds2: Design and Comfort (8/10)
The design of the buds is not very different from some of Oppo’s previous products, but very different from its predecessors. They are more like Oppo Enco Air 2 Pro than Enco Buds. Having said that, it’s not perfect if you like TWS earbuds with stems. You only get the black color at the moment, and it usually sports a matte black tag with just a hint of gloss on the buds and the case. The inside of the case has a beautiful blue light, which looks cool.

Oppo Enco Buds2 Review Case - inside

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The charging cycle is very thin and easy to pack. Despite its small profile, it holds a large 460 mAh battery and weighs only 38 grams. The LED charging indicator and USB-C charging port are located at the bottom of the case. The earbuds are very light and weigh only 4 grams each. They tend to be worn long and snug enough to not come out of the ear while working or running.

The large silicon tips provide excellent passive noise reduction. Two more pairs are packed in the package but no USB charging cable. The touch-enabled area is now at the top of the stems, and the area is flattened out to give you an idea of ​​where to tap. The touch sensitivity is good and the buds produce a small click every time you tap the area. It supports single tap, double tap, triple tap and ‘touch and hold’ gestures.

Oppo Enco Buds2: Features and Specifications (7/10)
The Enco Buds2 is IPX4-rated splash resistant, but not dust resistant like its predecessor. Having said that, one particular thing about the water resistance of Oppo buds. I had a little problem on the flight and spilled coffee all over the buds. Two weeks later, they are still working perfectly with no change in sound quality. Thankfully, payment information is not included in this coffee session because there is no ingress protection.

Oppo Enco Buds2 Review Case

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Each headset is equipped with 10 mm Titanized dynamic driver and microphone for calls and ‘AI Deep Noise Cancellation’ for calls. There is no noise canceling (ANC) or wearable sensors here, which is useful in this budget. These headphones are Bluetooth 5.2 compliant and support SBC and AAC codecs. There is support for Dolby Atmos as well when paired with compatible phones. The latency can go as low as 94 ms in Game mode.

You don’t need to install any app if you use this package with OnePlus, Realme or Oppo phones. You get access to a bunch of customizations for the buds in the Bluetooth settings itself. For all other phones, you need to install the HeyMelody app and sync the headphones with it to tweak some of these things. The app lets you change the sound profile, set the controls and update the firmware. The use of double tap as a camera shutter is only limited to Oppo phones, I think, because it doesn’t work on the OnePlus phones I’ve used.

You can assign functions to single tap, double tap, triple tap and ‘touch and hold’ gestures for left and right ears. You can set play/pause, previous/next, voice assistant, game mode or nothing for the first three steps. Not every role is for everyone. The volume control can only be given to the ‘touch and hold’ point, but it is good to have that option on the ear itself so that you don’t have to reach for the device to change the noise.

Oppo Enco Buds2: Performance (8/10)
These buds are the most popular around, and the volume was usually around 40 to 50% during my testing. That is loud enough indoors and outdoors. I would not advise to take them over 70% because they sound a bit bright and heavy on the ears. Oppo gives you three sounds for the TWS earbuds – Original sound, Bass boost and Clear vocals. Interestingly, all three are usable, but I prefer the default Original sound profile over the other two.

Oppo Enco Buds2 Review Buds

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The sound signature is equally suitable for a pair of budget wireless earphones. The bass is punchy but tight and doesn’t overwhelm the midrange. The sound is loud and lively. The heart has a good view as well but could be better, especially the S sounds that seem to sound harsh in some matches. While I find the bass to be adequate, some may want more. That’s where the Bass boost preset comes in handy.

It boosts the bass at the cost of some lower mid frequencies but not over it. It gives you the usual V-shaped sound that the crowd likes. The clear sound preset is better for podcasts and other audio-heavy content, and not so much for music. The sound here is not very general, but that’s what you usually get in this section. We experienced no latency issues with no interruption of video and audio while watching videos on my phone. The wireless range is a beautiful model with a strong connection of up to 10 meters with a clear line of sight.

Oppo Enco Buds2: Good call (6/10)
The call quality of the Enco Buds2 is not very impressive. It was nice to be at home, and while the voice wasn’t the smartest, the people on the line understood what I was saying without much effort. While outdoors, the ‘AI Deep Noise Cancellation’ didn’t really work for me with people complaining of a lot of background noise being heard to the point where it would affect conversation. . In general, Oppo TWS earphones are pretty good for calls. This requires more work, especially the noise removal algorithm.

Oppo Enco Buds2: Battery life (8.5/10)
The battery backup of the Enco Buds2 is excellent. The company claims 7 hours for buds and 28 hours total with charging data. Given the battery specs and the fact that there is no ANC here, these numbers seem acceptable. With the most noise from 40 to 50% during the test, the headphones managed to go for nearly six and a half hours, and the case can recharge them three times.

Oppo Enco Buds2 Review USB-C port

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That translates into a total battery backup of nearly 26 hours for flowers and data combined, which is great. They also support fast payments, but the numbers are small at best. Paying 10 minutes promises an hour of play, which is convenient, not pretty. The product can be fully charged in a few hours, while the battery only takes about 90 minutes to charge. The battery level of each earbud and charging information are shown in the Bluetooth settings of the synced device or in the HeyMelody app.

Oppo Enco Buds2: Price and order
The Oppo Enco Buds2 is priced at Rs 1,999 with a one-year warranty, and can usually be found 10% cheaper online. For that price, you get a pair of TWS earphones with a nice design, great sound, a lot of noise, good controls and a nice battery. That makes it one of the best TWS options in this segment.

Oppo Enco Buds2 Review Buds in case

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Of course, there is competition in this segment, but there is only one option that can give the Oppo buds a run for their money. The Realme Buds Q2 that sells for a similar price has most of the features that the Enco Buds2 do with comparable sound. In addition to that, it also has ANC functionality, something rare in this segment. However, the battery life is at least 25% lower. Both are excellent products that are very useful, and cannot disappoint you if you have a budget of 2K.


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