Magic Johnson is adding fuel to the fire after Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s surprise admission as LeBron James moves closer to becoming the NBA’s all-time leading scorer. | Tech US News


We have reached the point where we will witness greatness before our eyes. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar became the all-time leading scorer in 1984. This year, however, it will certainly be taken over by the one and only LeBron James. The LA Lakers star is getting closer and closer to breaking Kareem’s record.

A while back, LeBron was asked about his feelings and relationship with Abdul-Jabbar, as the whole world expects King James to break the record. He was brutally honest and mentioned, “No thought and no attitude.” This prompted the NBA world to think that there was a rift between the two NBA giants. Recently, another NBA legend Magic Johnson added some fuel to the fire that was burning.

Will LeBron James break Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s scoring record?

In the Shay Shay Club with Shannon Sharpe, Magic said, “I don’t mean well. We have to be honest. And the fact that it’s a guy who plays for the Lakers. This is a guy who plays in LA. I think it’s going to be a hard pill to swallow… I think he thought he’d have it forever.’

Speaking of their legacy and career, “We’re never going to see another LeBron. We’re never going to see another Kareem. When you have special guys like that who changed the game, you’re never going to see another one.”

Both players are two of the greatest athletes in the NBA. As the Magic claimed, we will see all the other players like James and Abdul-Jabbar. The reason for this would be their unmatched work speed and consistency.

LeBron currently has 37,217 points, while Kareem boasts 38,387 points. To put that in perspective, King James needs to score 1,170 points this season to set the record. The LA Lakers star is currently averaging 25.8 points in the 2022-23 NBA season. To beat Kareem, he would have to maintain the same scoring average through 46 games this season.

Magic believes that the fact that LeBron plays for the Lakers will also be something that could bother Kareem. This may be due to his legacy with the LA-based franchise. If LeBron breaks the record while playing for the Lakers, what does that mean for Kareem’s legacy with the Lakers?


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