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A new video shows an American-made Hummer H2 stuck in a pond being rescued by Mahindra Major.

The American-made Hummer H2 is considered to be the largest vehicle of all time. It is considered as the best off-road vehicle. However, a new video busts that myth. Chanel MPNs shared a video on YouTube showing a Hummer H2 stuck in the water while the group was searching around. Even in 4X4 mode, it doesn’t get enough grip outside the river banks. Surprisingly, he was rescued by an elderly Mahindra Major and the entire incident was captured on video. This is quite unusual for a vehicle like the Hummer. So what’s going on here?

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As you can see in the video above, the driver of the Hummer H2 decided to go deeper into the river water. As a result, the car could not get enough grip to come out of the river bank and got stuck. Even though the Hummer H2 was in 4X4 mode, the road-biased tires couldn’t get enough grip on wet surfaces. Having the right tires is crucial before heading out for off-roading. Even for the most powerful vehicles, tires are the point of contact between the surface and the vehicle. AWD and 4X4 just aren’t enough. Sometimes better tires on 4X2 vehicles can offer better grip in slippery conditions.

Finally, a Mahindra Major came to his rescue. After a lot of efforts, it managed to pull the Hummer H2 out of the river bank. A rope was tied between the front bumper of the Mahindra Major and the Hummer H2. The force between the two vehicles is such that the rope opens and falls down the major. After putting the rope back in, the major gives it another tug. The hummer passes through several whale spins and forms a fountain in the river. However, it came out of the river after several attempts. Since the Mahindra Major takes deliberate care for off-roading with better ties, it was able to save the Hummer H2.

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Imported Hummer H2

The Hummer H2 seen above is an imported model with an LHD (Left Hand Drive) option. It has a Dubai registration plate. Many car enthusiasts take their vehicles to the Indian mainland on Cornet (mostly via UAE). This includes NRIs, people working abroad and celebrities. Many millionaires bring their high-end cars to India this way. This includes the McLaren 720S, Hummer H2, and many other cars. At any given time, there are several cars on the Cornet. It requires a lot of paperwork. You will also have to pay taxes, duties and other charges as required by the country.


Carnet paper is issued by the country where the car is registered. These documents are properly checked by the authorities of the country where the car enters. However, such vehicles are allowed on Indian soil only for a few days or weeks. You can always approach the authorities to extend the validity period. Cornet is basically a visa for cars. These imported units become temporary residents of India. In addition, the Cornet also allows you to bring other expensive items that can be used to move vehicles from one country to another.

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Mahindra Major saved the Hummer H2
An old Mahindra Major was used to rescue an imported Hummer H2 stuck in water.

Mahindra Major

The Mahindra Major was first marketed in 2004. It was a new update of the Jeep CJ3B and replaced the CJ500D/CL550 models. Major featured a modified ‘New Generation Chassis’ with a 115 x 60 mm steel box section (upgraded from the 100 x 50 mm C-section previously used). It has a wheelbase of 91 inches (2,300 mm). While the track ranges from three inches to 51 inches (1,300 mm). Major was popularly known as ‘Jeep’ in many parts of the country. It was placed under Poshar Mahindra Thar. However, the company stopped production of the Mahindra Major on 1 October 2010. It was the last flat-fender Jeep in the world to go out of production.

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