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In this edition of the Zig performance test report, we lined up two popular ones. Mahindra SUV: the Thar And Scorpio classics. One is an off-roader, while the other is a rigid body-on-frame family SUV. But, they have one thing in common: Mahindra’s refined 2.2-liter diesel engine develops 132 horses with a six-speed manual. The only difference in the drivetrain is that the Thur is four-wheel drive while the Scorpio Classic is rear-wheel drive.

So, which is faster and has better braking performance? Let’s find out.

Acceleration test


It’s lights out and off we go, and it’s Scorpio who’s managed to get off to a better start. Thanks to which, the SUV manages to maintain the lead and win the 0-100kmph test by 0.22 seconds. We suspect that the lightweight two-wheel drive system of the Scorpio Classic has managed to give it an edge over the heavier four-wheel drive system of the Thar.


Mahindra Scorpio Classic

Mahindra Thar

0-100 kmph

13.1 seconds

13.32 seconds

30-80 km/h (in 3rd gear)

7.57 seconds

7.84 seconds

40-100 kmph (in 4th gear)

12.08 seconds

13.2 seconds

A more realistic way to look at on-road performance is through roll-on figures, where the Scorpio Classic manages to outpace the Thar quite a bit in both runs. So yes, Scorpio Classic wins this round, but what about braking?

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Braking test


Both SUVs rely on disc brakes at the front and drum brakes at the rear. However, there is one difference between the two: the Thar has 255-section tires as opposed to the Scorpio’s slightly narrower 235-section boots and the result is evident in the table below:


Mahindra Scorpio Classic

Mahindra Thar

100-0 km/h

41.5 meters

41.42 meters

80-0 km/h

26.14 meters

26.06 meters

Thanks to slightly wider-section tires that offer more contact patch, the off-roader manages to stop a smidge earlier than a family SUV. Although the margin is small, Thar wins this round.

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Price and decision


Mahindra Scorpio Classic

Mahindra Thar

Ex-showroom price

11.99 lakh to Rs.15.49 lakh

13.59 Lakh to 16.29 Lakh Rs


Both vehicles have scored one point each in the test. The performance of the Scorpio Classic is better, while the Thar trumps the SUV when it comes to braking. So, not only do they get one point each, but their performance was really close, which would make it hard to tell the difference between the two in the real world. Thus, it makes sense to call this test a tie.

However, if you’re interested in seeing how the Thar stacks up against the new Scorpio N on its home ground – far from the road – check out our fun video below where we put both SUVs through their paces.


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