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The XUV 700 AX5 will cost Rs 4 lakh more than the Scorpio-N Z6 and still doesn’t get ESP.

BH Payan Eknath Recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Dearest, was in India last month and managed to test drive the Scorpio N, the top-end diesel manual. I already have a Z6 diesel at an introductory price with a promised delivery time of April to May 2023. Below are my observations:

  • Looks huge and imposing from the outside as others have mentioned – looks suitably macho and will definitely give way to others on the road. Heck, the XUV700 looks more squat and a level down than it is (no offense to owners)!! Had both in the showroom, could have done a visual comparison. However, this doesn’t translate into a lot of space inside. I think the rear quarter has been shortened resulting in less than adequate space in the third row. You can feel this disconnection when the vehicle is viewed from one side.
  • Inside, nice and spacious for 3 passengers in the second row. If my parents got into the car and found no problem getting into the second row – that was one of my concerns. In fact he commented that the step was a great help and was at the right height for him. Both of them have no knee problems yet.
  • 3rd row is very narrow as everyone has commented. I’m 5.9 and I managed to sit on my knees in there and no room for the knees…they were gently brushing against the 2nd row seatbacks. Would I want to sit there for the long haul – not at all.
  • Can I sit there if needed – Yes, I can sit for about 30-40 minutes.
  • I believe children and small adults (<5.3) should be fine there. If my kids had sat there for a minute or so - they hated it, but then they hate sitting in all the third row seats, including my Kodiaq.
  • Drove the car on highway roads and then on some broken patches. The drive was a breeze thanks to the super light steering. I was shocked at first but relaxed within a few minutes. And there’s plenty of power and torque available, managing to reach near triple digits in a very short stretch on the highway.
  • Excellent road visibility and you feel like the king of wheels. Although manual, the car can do most of the journey in 4th gear – I went from 15-20 to 50 kmph in 4th gear, as recommended by SA and the car never slowed down. No pressure was felt. This is a plus in my eyes…gives a semi-automatic feel if you will.
  • The brakes are very fast – will take some getting used to. But no deal breakers or concerns.
  • My parents didn’t feel any lateral movement or discomfort in the second row when changing lanes or overtaking. However, sudden lane changes or maneuvers will tip you over a bit, but I was expecting it to be a lot worse. Somehow, Mahindra has engineered this aspect very well.
  • On rough patches and broken roads, the car just blinks – you’ll feel vertical movement especially in the third row but that’s a given. Otherwise, a comfortable ride quality for front and second row passengers.
  • I guess the fit and finish were good – but I think the Z6 may not have all the bling inside which is fine with me. I’m hoping it’s good enough for 10 years of use, just to get out of the car.
  • There is no boot space with all 3 rows. Will resort to a roof carrier. However, when the third row is folded down compared to the second row, there is a very usable boot space. The floor contour is uneven which many have commented on as a potential deal breaker, but I didn’t find it too bad. Our family has a 2009 Innova with 3rd row side folding seats and it also has the same or similar uneven floor and yet we have in the past walked through the airport with 5 large suitcases. Packed. So no problem for me personally.

Overall, came back pretty impressed with the car. A few misses here and there but for 14.99 bucks, I think it’s a pretty good VFM.

After that, got to drive the XUV700 AX7L as well. Without going into details, the XUV700 definitely feels more posh and luxurious, although the exterior dimensions may belie that impression. Compared to the Scorpio N, the automatic was very nice and easy to drive, lots of power on demand, great interior and very usable third row space.

Sadly, all this comes at a premium and even the AX5 will cost ~4 lakh more than the Z6 (and doesn’t come with ESP) and that’s money I don’t have.

I also have a booking for the Grand Vitara Mild Hybrid and am just waiting for the pricing announcement to compare with the Z6. I suspect the Zeta will be around 14 lakh ex-sh, at which point the Z6 becomes even more attractive. Yes, the mileage from the Z6 will pinch us a bit, expect 12kmpl max but then our annual mileage is <7000km, so should be manageable.


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