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I am getting figures in the range of 12.5 in heavy city traffic and 15+ within the speed limit ie 90 kmph on highways.

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Scorpio-N 2000 km update

The car is running better than I expected. After hearing so much about the body on frame vehicle I was skeptical about buying one but went for it anyway. Trust me when I say that it’s amazing to drive it on rough roads and curves. For me it behaves much better on hilly roads than XUV 500.

Some of the negatives from the first impressions are now gone.

  • There was a rear wiper swipe, I thought it was disappointing but after a week of rain in Delhi and driving the car with the rear wiper in use it is in perfect position. You won’t notice it at all if the third row is up and it clears the rear glass well when looking through the rear-view mirror.
  • The 17-inch wheels on the top models are also something I don’t regret. Comfort on rough roads is great for me and that’s what really matters to me. The design is decent but what matters is the performance. It absorbs bumps much better than the smaller profile 18-inchers.

A few new negatives I discovered.

  • As mentioned in an earlier post, the internet connection of the inbuilt sim is pathetic and not reliable at all. If this is the type of connection I don’t think I will ever renew the service after it expires.
  • The ground clearance of the car is low. Now, Mahindra has always been smart to reduce the ground clearance on paper to avoid tax but still the actual experience was good. In the XUV 500 they reduced the sump guard to avoid taxes and reduce costs. On paper when I read that the ground clearance was 187 mm I thought it was one of those tricks again, but the car scraps on the screws must have slid off my XUV on the straights. This is a problem.

The center arm holding the suspension mounting marked in the photo below is quite low, limiting the vehicles braking angle. It is bound to scratch and stick during light off-roading. The addition of departure angle and DEF tank space is also terrible.

My spare tire is hitting bumps all the time and hitting the DEF tank can get the car stuck in tight spots. So I crawl really slowly on the big pieces where the breakover angle or departure angle is supposed to be. Here I am not talking about hard off-roading but mild off-roading when you go on a dirt road with some potholes or rocks. These limit the vehicles ability but are still very capable once you learn to handle the obstacle properly. Much more than any crossover in the segment.

For the center arm I have opted for an underbody anti-rust coating with a 5 year warranty. When the car was jacked up, the arm was scratched and exposed to bare metal, making it vulnerable to rust in wet conditions. So a recommendation for all those who plan to do some kind of off-roading should go for it as the underbody is bound to touch some obstacles. Also consider underbody protection if available for planned winter drives.

Also the steering feedback on off-road drives is worse than the hydraulic unit but still really good as the light steering helps the car turn easily at crawling speeds. An unusual vibration that I didn’t expect.

  • I am getting figures in the range of 12.5 in heavy city traffic and 15+ within the speed limit ie 90 kmph on highways.
  • As a Mahindra customer for the past 8 years I can vouch for the reliability of the mHawk engine. I have mentioned this before in the forum I think 99% of users will not face any mechanical problems with the engine by following a proper vehicle maintenance schedule and ignoring the warnings that pop up. do not Electronics are things that can fail in any car, so an extended warranty should give you peace of mind.
  • The suspension is a big upgrade, especially on rough roads, from my XUV 500 with minimal body roll, feels almost like a crossover but still gives you a high seating position. Comfortable for 4 people, if 4 adults are in the car with full luggage you can drive all day. One thing though on cemented expressways (like Delhi Agra Expressway) I feel the road noise and car movement is more than my XUV500 and quite a bit more than my brother’s XUV700.
  • I considered the XUV700 until proper rumors and interior shots surfaced, with no other car on my mind besides the N since February this year.

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