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The Mahindra Scorpio-N proved to be quite a hit in its home market of India, as the first 25,000 units were sold out in less than a minute, causing the website to crash and many potential buyers to opt out of the initial batch. gone.

The Scorpio-N, which the company calls the “big daddy of SUVs”, is a body-on-frame SUV set to replace the aging Scorpio with modern styling and tech. The model, available in petrol and diesel guises with optional 4WD, was announced last May, followed by an official launch in June.

Mahindra said the initial 25,000 units of the Scorpio-N will be priced between ₹11.99 lakh ($15,178) and ₹19.49 lakh ($24,673) depending on the variant, but prices are set to increase for subsequent orders. This created a rush among potential buyers who watched the countdown on the official website hoping to book an early slot.

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When the system started accepting orders on July 30, traffic was so high that the initial shipment of 25,000 units was sold out in 55 seconds. Many people took to social media to complain about Mahindra’s website crashing, due to which they were unable to complete their order on time by depositing it. Still, the company managed to collect over 100,000 orders in the first 30 minutes. Each booking involved a deposit of 18,000 rupees ($227) which translates to a total of $22.7 million in half an hour!

Mahindra has publicly acknowledged the technical glitch and assured everyone that the online system recorded the stamps of the time each customer pressed the payment button. Thus, it is easy to identify the first 25,000 customers who will get access to promotional pricing for their Scorpio-N.

As reported by Autocar India, Mahindra will contact each buyer to confirm their order. Also, customers will have the opportunity to change their mind about their chosen trim and specification of Scorpio-N till August 15, when their choice will be locked, and they will be given an estimated delivery date. will With deliveries of the Scoprio-N slated to begin from September 26, Mahindra is targeting production of over 20,000 units by December.


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