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  • More than 25,000 bookings were made within 1 minute of the bookings starting. 11:00 am, 30 July 2022
  • Over 1,00,000 bookings were registered within 30 minutes, with an ex-showroom price of ₹ 18,000 crore/ ~ 2.3 billion USD
  • Delivery is about to begin. September 26, 2022

Mumbai, India, August 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Mahindra & Mahindra Limited, a pioneer in the SUV segment Indiarecorded 1,00,000 bookings for the all-new Scorpio-N within 30 minutes of the booking launch. 11:00 am Today, that translates to an ex-showroom price of Rs 18,000 crore ~ 2.3 billion USD. Customer enthusiasm for the all-new Scorpio N has been phenomenal – the Scorpio N recorded 25,000 bookings within a minute of its launch.

All-New Scorpio-N will begin shipping. September 26, 2022, Forward. The all-new Scorpio-NK is planned to deliver over 20,000 units December 2022 In which the Z8L variant will be preferred. Mahindra will inform customers by the end of their delivery date. August 2022.

The booking website handled the huge rush of orders well, but there was a small glitch with the payment gateway provider. Mahindra would like to assure customers that their timestamp has been entered correctly on the booking platform prior to payment, so each customer will have their correct position in the order sequence and base the order accordingly. 25,000 will be considered first for initial pricing.

All new Scorpio-N introductory pricing is applicable for the first 25,000 bookings. Prices for subsequent bookings will be as per prices prevailing at the time of delivery. Bookings for the All-New Scorpio-N will continue to be accepted online and at dealerships.

More about the All-New Scorpio-N

The All-New Scorpio-N has been designed, engineered and built to disrupt the SUV segment and redefine the existing product category hierarchy across multiple SUV segments for the ultimate SUV to own. Creates resonance with expectant urban consumers.

The name Scorpio-N was carefully chosen to represent the fact that this SUV takes the game up to the power of the N. Sensational performance, unforgettable presence, premium craft interiors, refined ride and handling, ‘go anywhere’ capability, flashed with tech, to be had. A clean conscience and an immersive and enjoyable experience through AdrenoX make the Scorpio-N a great SUV. It is available in variants including diesel and petrol, manual and automatic transmissions and 6-seater or 7-seater capacity. The 4XPLOR is also available with first-in-class Intelligent Terrain Management technology to transform it into an all-conquering, capable 4WD beast.

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About Mahindra

[Establishedin1945theMahindraGroupisoneofthelargestandmostrecognizedmultinationalfederationofcompanieswithover100ownersand260000employeesItenjoysleadershippositionsinfarmequipmentutilityvehiclesinformationtechnologyandfinancialservices[1945میںقائمکیاگیا،مہندراگروپ100سےزیادہممالکمیں260000ملازمینکےساتھکمپنیوںکیسبسےبڑیاورسبسےزیادہقابلتعریفملٹینیشنلفیڈریشنمیںسےایکہے۔یہفارمکےسازوسامان،یوٹیلیٹیگاڑیوں،انفارمیشنٹیکنالوجیاورمالیاتیخدماتمیںقائدانہمقامحاصلکرتاہے۔India And is the world’s largest tractor company by volume. It has a strong presence in renewable energy, agriculture, logistics, hospitality and real estate.

The Mahindra Group has a clear focus on leading ESG globally, enabling rural prosperity and enhancing urban livelihoods, aiming to positively transform the lives of communities and stakeholders to enable them to thrive.

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