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“I guess I can see why it’s good. But I don’t see myself warming to it,

I keep muttering this to myself and finally when Tushar asks me what I think of the Mahindra Scorpio N. I have experienced this phenomenon for the first time.

Tushar is driving the pilot in Thar, and it quietly takes me through Mumbai’s heavy traffic to the highway where both SUVs purr at the absence of roads. It’s the champagne colored Scorpio N that is grabbing all the eyeballs. I’m probably being a bit reckless with ‘Big Daddy’, bullying my way through a traffic jam that stretches for at least a kilometre.

“Well, for the sheer sensibility of the Scorpio N – that it doubles as a family car when it really has to – it’s already got a leg up on Thar.”

This thought keeps circulating as I go through dinner that tastes worse than cardboard. The next morning, Tushar and I were to take both Mahindras back to where they learned their off-road chops — Mahindra’s off-road academy in Agatpuri.

“Holy mother… this is huge!”

The first feeling when we are about to enter the course. Our instructor is piloting an old Scorpio 4×4, and Tushar runs after him through a single open gate. N needs to open the other gate so that he can pass through his gates and grab the other two.

We are first led to a ‘home run’ which aims to test approach, breakover and departure angles. Thar winds blow, not batting an eyelash in the process. I’m understandably a bit nervous about the Scorpio N. More so because our instructor answered my question about the Scorpio N’s ability to overcome this obstacle with a straight-faced “Let’s see.”

The Scorpio N makes its way down, first brushing the front cross member, and then the spare wheel on the way in. Not too bad. If you ever get serious about putting dirt in your Scorpio N, a lift kit and a tail-mounted spare wheel will ease your worries. I’m now making my way out of the obstacle which involves a sharp surface change at a tight right hand bend.

This means the front left wheel of the Scorpio N is almost four feet in the air. It also means I’m thinking about hugging my mom. Hardly. The camera is rolling, so the expressions are spoken in silence. We’ve made it.

“Good job Scorpio!”

I happily step away from the steering wheel of the Scorpio N as it manages to follow the Thar through another obstacle called the ZigZag hill. At this point, Tushar challenges me to run the same course against the clock, clocking 1 minute 48 seconds.

“Slow is smooth, smooth is fast”

With absolutely zero people for Scorpio, I’m lined up. I am now quietly confident in the Scorpio N’s capabilities. Also, I’ve found that I can use the larger size to my advantage if need be, taking wider lines, avoiding the lines that Tushar happily digs into his Thar.

If we damage the vehicle or if we run off course, it includes a five second penalty. I make my way through the course again, and punch it through the final descent. I hear a little ‘clunk’ sound from my perch, but it doesn’t matter. I scratched the bottom of the bumper a bit. More importantly, I hit it after crossing the finish line, so it doesn’t count and Scorpio N wins. 1 minute 41 seconds!

“Thar is a Thar”

Thar’s abilities were then called upon. In this it took a very tight line around the hill into a pit about four to five feet deep. I could only watch from the sidelines, because I was sure that I would have the Scorpio N simulate a swing at some point. It was too big for the course, it would get ashore faster than it could be sold. Not happening.

After that, Thar also went through the whole lot of water, sprinkled salt on my wounds. While the Scorpio N was technically passable, the fabric carpet (vs. the plastic floor on the back) put me off. No one likes the smell of wet carpet, especially if you’re driving 250km back home the next morning.

Then came a series of crests and troughs that rewarded the Thar’s short wheelbase and better approach and departure angles. It crawled like a mountain goat, while the Scorpio N and I had to be content driving parallel to what looked like a paved road in comparison.

“Can’t believe we get paid for this”

The Scorpio N aspect is now strongly connected between the Earth and his own body. It has a sound that petrol heads fear. Our videographer looks like he saw pineapple and strawberries on a pizza — equal parts disgust, sadness, and fear. The crunch broke my heart, but I have to get out of there Scorpio N and the last obstacle of the day called Sarpanch. He has to try to walk past the bend that has caught him and it takes really skillful driving to get through the Thar.

We reuse the wide track of the Scorpio, going ‘over’ the tricky bits rather than going through them. It then moves upward from the original slip surfaces and coincidentally downwards. I’m not particularly enthusiastic behind the wheel, but everyone outside of the Scorpio N tells me it was a visual feat and a half.

Why? It feels surreal to see this huge bus of something absorbing Spiderman’s spirit and tearing up the scenery.

In fact, the whole day seemed surreal. Here we were, in the open, in two SUVs that we knew were as different as they could be. Chalk and cheese don’t begin to describe them. We knew that the Scorpio N would work perfectly with the Thar. But we were not ready to come near it.

The experience leaves us with three takeaways:

One, the Scorpio N doesn’t mind getting really dirty. The only real limiting factor for the Scorpio N is its size. Do the work first, and it pays off. You need to trust it a lot to pilot it off-road. Trust in His ability to get you anywhere, and trust that He will. Sure, for the serious stuff you’ll need to at least look at lift kits and better tires. But, as things stood, Scorpio only had to back off when Thar had to be Thar.

Two, Thar is the absolute definition of a toy. It’s like a happy dog ​​that likes to roll in the mud every chance it gets. And if you only use one for commuting, I hope your thar gives you puppy dog ​​eyes every time you park it. I hope reading ‘4×4 doesn’t engage…’ will give you a bit of a treat. Because, it should be.

Three, Scorpio is not perfect. But it manages to walk the tightrope between off-road capability and family-friendliness.

I now know why Scorpio N is good. I have warmed it up.

When nothing else does, the Scorpio N will do.


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