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The Indian team completed its first test of the Gen3 car, which has 100kW more power than the current Gen2 machinery, with Oliver Rolland doing the driving duties.

Mahindra will take its Gen3 car to the famous hillclimb event at Goodwood next week, where the machinery will be seen in public for the first time.

Hadfield, a Mahindra test driver and ambassador, held the Festival of Speed ​​record for 20 years in 1999 when he set a time of 41.6 seconds in a McLaren MP4-13.

But the German lost the record in 2019 to Romain Dumas’ run in the Volkswagen ID.R, which was clocked at 39.9 seconds to ensure an electric car could collect the record.

Mahindra General 3

Mahindra General 3

Photo by: Mahindra Racing

“It’s a proud moment for us to take this car to Goodwood just a week after its first test,” said team principal Dilbagh Gill.

“It is a testament to the team’s hard work, determination and passion that they always go the extra mile to achieve what others consider unattainable.

“I’m very much looking forward to seeing the car make its debut at an event as iconic as Goodwood, representing the entirety of Formula E as the series moves into its new era in 2023.”

NIO 333 Gen3 Test “Production” – Turvey

NIO 333 Gen3

NIO 333 Gen3

Photo by: NIO Formula E Team

Oliver Turvey got his first taste of the NIO 333’s Gen3 machinery, suggesting it will be “a fun car to race” when it debuts next season.

Burt also described his experience with the reconfigured braking system, where the rear motor handles all braking at the rear of the car, with the front brakes also boosted by a regenerative motor.

“It was a proud moment to be the first to drive the NIO 333 ER9 Gen3 car this week,” said Troy.

“Everyone in the team has put a lot of effort into developing the car, so it was great to have a productive test.

“Acceleration at 350kW is a good step forward and will be faster on the street circuits we race on in Formula E. Using the electric motor on the front axle for braking and experiencing a full region capability of 600kW. It was also very good.

“It will definitely be a fun car to race and I’m looking forward to getting in the car again.”


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