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The vehicle was returned to me later that day with no attention paid to requests regarding the entertainment system or engine oil.

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Mahindra Xuv300 BS4 Diesel 4th Service Update (One Paid)

What overfill is considered acceptable?

According to the owner’s manual, the engine oil refill capacity for the BS4 diesel XUV300 is 6L, and that’s what they put in. But when we check the oil dipstick, the level is about a centimeter above the maximum. The possible extra stress on the seals and gaskets worries me (maybe I’m overreacting). So this time when I went to the service center (Automotive Mahindra, Attapur, Hyde) I asked the service engineer (SE) to fill it only up to the maximum marking and not more. The SE told me that, unlike other dealerships, they only fill a little above 5L and that’s the asking price.

The car was delivered later (drop off service). The engine oil level was still well above the maximum level when I checked it the next morning. I sent a picture to the service technician, but I never heard back. After a few days, I sent an email to Mahindra Customer Care asking about the “recommended” amount of engine oil to be changed and sharing what I found. Customer support added only a few contacts to the same service center and made no recommendations. I had to wait almost two weeks to follow up and talk to someone.

Even when I pointed out to him that the level reading came from a cold engine on the ground, a technical manager continued to argue that I had made a mistake and didn’t know how to check the oil level. I told him that even if it was true he could test drive it on any xuv300 bs4 diesel that came into his garage in any condition he wanted. I was a little confused by his reply, “Those cars are customer cars and I can’t inspect them.” I questioned him on his claim that they never check the dipstick level of any vehicle brought in for an engine oil change. He then agreed to call another technical person.

Afterward, a different service agent came to the apartment, looked at the car, and confirmed that the oil level was high—but only up to 200 milliliters—and said not to worry. Anyway I asked him to take out the extra. He returned a few days later with another technician to remove the excess. To my surprise, none of them knew how to jack up the car, so I had to help. Finally, excess oil was removed.

Trying to squeeze the service center.

SE made me sit in front of him for about 45 minutes after giving the car for servicing. The SE kept scrolling through my car’s profile as if they were looking for a fault and using it to incriminate and force me to spread it further to cover it up (again maybe I’m the limit was overreacting)

Here are some highlights:

  1. After about 10 minutes, the SE mentioned that I had a minor accident a few months back and got it fixed at the Trivandrum service center. I admitted.
  2. The SE showed me his monitor and told me I had missed the first free service. “That’s not right, and I had my first servicing at the same facility within a month of purchase,” I said quietly as I looked at some data and the screen. The SE argued that the information was not in the system, so I did not receive the first service. I showed the service history and receipt on the Mahindra WithYouHamesh app on my phone. SE was shocked and checked my phone two or three times. “Well,” he continued, “keep those details handy.” “Okay, I will,” I replied.
  3. Then, the SE claimed that I had just added an extra year to the company’s standard 2-year warranty. Two more years of extension were open, and he smiled that he would take care of it. I kindly explained to him that I already had a maximum warranty of five years and unless something more was offered, I didn’t need his help. I reopened the WithYouHamesh app while the SE kept scrolling. He quickly admits that I am right.
  4. SE then pressured me to get the underbody coating, but I politely declined. When he explained the reason to me, I politely told him that I had already completed the 3M coating and that there were a few rounds of complimentary top-ups available.
  5. I then requested him to upgrade the SW in the entertainment unit, and he verbally agreed. I ask him to write it on the job sheet, and he replies that it’s fine and he’ll take care of it.

The vehicle was returned to me later that day with no attention paid to requests regarding the entertainment system or engine oil.

I took advantage of his subsequent service appointment to drain the oil and asked him to bring a pen drive and update the software.

As indicated in our official reviews: Mahindra’s after sales service quality is a hit or miss. Gambling remains.

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