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For a car of its dimensions, it has surprisingly little body roll. Ride quality is also impressive, although it’s no Nexon.

BH Payan Nadupasaka Recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Test drove the XUV300 Turbo Sport today. Let it run for about 15 minutes. Here are some quick tips:

  • Apart from its engine, everything about the XUV300 is well known. I’m extremely impressed with its cabin insulation, and ride and handling balance. Around the curve, it’s probably only the EcoSport in its segment that can beat it. For a car of its dimensions, it has surprisingly little body roll. Ride quality is also impressive, although it’s no Nexon.
  • Steering is lifeless. It doesn’t feel dangerous or anything, but there is no opinion. Steering modes help and aren’t just a gimmick. I’d choose Comfort for heavy traffic and Sport for highways.
  • The clutch is light and comfortable. Finding the cutting point is easy. But, there is a long journey after the cutting point. So your seating position should only be determined by the cutting position as your feet will never actually touch the floor while depressing the clutch. I would have liked a telescopic steering wheel to adjust the driving position properly.
  • The gear throw is a bit longer than I’d like, but it actually slots quite comfortably. I think Mahindra would have done well to reduce the height/length of the gear lever. There is also some ergonomic discomfort with the arm rest. I’m about 5 feet 9 inches tall, and the arm rest feels like I’m shifting so it’s in an awkward position. My elbow feels too high.
  • Braking is confidence-inspiring and good, although the pedal feels spongy. I doubt you’ll get used to it.
  • Fit and finish is good. The touchscreen is reasonably responsive and simple. Definitely not the best in its segment. The same can be said about the audio quality. Much has been said about the dashboard feeling like it’s from an older generation. That’s true, but the fit and finish is still pretty good. An AC fan speed knob would have been nice though. And all the red horizontal lines on the buttons are a bit of an eye sore and not easy to operate. The two dials in the instrument cluster (speedometer and tachometer) are illuminated on the inner ring. Even the color changes.
  • And now the meat of the matter. The new engine is much better. It’s easy to think the engine is off when it’s actually on. And that refinement isn’t exactly the kind of refinement people attribute to Marutis – it’s a way of saying the engine lacks grunt. There is a slight lag up to 1,500 RPM. The engine wakes up at 1,500 and is really in its element at 1,700-1,800 or so. It never seems to lose steam. I couldn’t push it much in today’s test drive, but at 2,500-3,000 it somehow seemed perfectly calm and in a blistering rush. It’s fun to drive. Even the space up to 1,500 rpm isn’t exactly dull. It’s only in the context of the push after the turbo kick that it seems inadequate. It is also a trackable engine. 3rd gear will propel you past ~20km/h without a hitch if you’re gentle on the throttle; Second gear is a breeze through most speed breakers. Even when it vibrates when you rev ​​the engine at low RPM, almost nothing filters into the cabin. (I can’t praise the insulation and refinement enough). It’s not a fun vehicle that will bother you when driving at low city speeds or in bumper-to-bumper traffic. You won’t have to wait long for the turbo to kick in, even when running on signals. Like I said, there is some lag, but it won’t bother you. The only thing I really didn’t like about this engine is that at low RPM’s, certainly in second gear but also in first, the car is a little faster than you’d like to get through slow traffic. runs I don’t know if this observation is correct or not. Maybe it’s subjective and I’m influenced by biases created by the cars I’m used to.
  • The car feels really strong, safe, solid and assured. Everything about it is quiet – its engine under high demands from a greedy right foot, and its suspension around a curve under high demands from a greedy right foot. But then they are just “feelings”.
  • The rear seats are lower than I like.
  • The horn is nice but nothing special.
  • Everything was working fine on the touchscreen, instrument cluster and buttons and knobs.
  • Bot is a compromise. It’s short, but I think the reviews on YouTube and other forums must have been too harsh on it. I think its true size can only be gauged when you see it in person. Note that the floor of the boot can be set at two levels. Again, it’s small, and it feels like a hatchback’s boot, but don’t be completely put off by all the criticisms leveled at it.
  • I really struggled to get a test drive. Finally I got it from PPS Motors, Indiranagar. He agreed to come tomorrow (05.11.2022) at 1600 hrs. He called at 1300 yesterday and asked if he could come earlier by 1530. I agreed. At 1400, he calls and says he will be a little late, maybe 1630. At 1630, he says the car has gone to a customer on the other side of town and that he is on his way back to the dealership. At 1745 or so, I called him and he asked if the car had not arrived yet. Then she discovers that the car ran out of fuel en route to another customer and she never actually got there. At 1800, or so he gave up and offered to come at 1100 today. He appeared at 1200.

Meanwhile, Anantcars only had the car for two days and we could not find a time when SA’s schedule, the car’s schedule and my schedule matched.

Check out BHPian’s comments for more insight and information.


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