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STRAP: Delay in CET approval causes problems with high scores

Mumbai: There has been a major blunder in physiotherapy college admissions in Maharashtra as candidates have been allotted seats in only 27 out of 72 private colleges in the state. Inquiring parents were told that the colleges were not included in the first round of admissions as they had not received approval to participate in the process conducted by the Common Entrance Test (CET) cell.

According to parents, this form of delay affects hospital admissions every year, despite the fact that they negotiate with the relevant departments on ways to avoid inconvenience for students. This year too, seats at some of the best faculties in the discipline of physiotherapy remained excluded in the first round.

The disadvantages of this are obvious: students who achieve the highest grades have to settle for only approved faculties or participate in the second round. If they decide to take whatever they get in the first round, students who score lower than them will be able to get into better colleges in the second round.

“My daughter scored very well and was looking forward to getting admission in Sancheti College, Pune. We were sure that she would immediately get the college she wanted,” said the father of one of the candidates. However, the seats in the college were not available.

When the distraught family questioned the college authorities, they were told that the renewal of approval for the next semester was not done in time for the first round of admissions. “The officials told us that we should reject the allotted seat and wait for the second round. This defeats the whole purpose of deserving students getting their desired colleges in the 1st round,” the father said.

Sudha Shenoy, representative of the parent body, revealed that parents have been talking about this with Maharashtra University of Health Sciences officials every year. “It is unfair that the university’s failure to adhere to the timetable or to communicate with the Department of Medical Education and Research negatively affects bright students,” she said. “Especially this year, the number of unapproved colleges is too great to ignore. Why can’t the approval process be postponed in advance so that admissions can proceed smoothly?’

Hindustan Times made several attempts to get a comment from CET cell officials but was unsuccessful.


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