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It’s a question that has plagued men since the dawn of recorded time: How many watches should I take on vacation?

You already have one on your wrist, so it seems like a no-brainer. But what if you’d like to switch to something more elegant for an exclusive dinner and Aperol Spritzes? Or pack your Apple Watch to count your steps and heart rate on a morning run on the beach?

We’re picturing a Sicilian vacation, if that’s not clear by now, but for the record, this deal would be a hit no matter where you go.

Finally, sigh men of the world, there is a solution to my watch problem, the Mark & ​​Graham Travel Watch Roll, currently reduced to just $100.

The beautiful and durable roll is able to hold up to three watches in its padded, removable pad, ensuring safety from chips or cracks during travel or at home.

Mark & ​​Graham Travel Roll Watch
Mark and Graham

The Mark & ​​Graham Watch Roll comes in three different colors: black, brown or camel. In addition to the removable pillow, the inside of the cover also has a handy hidden compartment, for cufflinks, lap supports or anything else that can fit inside.

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