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Masconomet Middle School’s eighth-grade class traveled to Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., including landmarks like the U.S. Capitol. (Photo courtesy of Masconomet Regional School District)

BOXFORD – Eighth-graders at Masconomet Middle School had a chance to explore the nation’s capital โ€” and the nation’s colonial capital โ€” during a multi-day field trip along the East Coast earlier this month.

From November 2-5, the entire eighth grade class traveled to Philadelphia and Washington, DC where they visited significant historical sites and had the opportunity to explore the places they have learned more about through their social studies courses.

Social Studies teacher Rebecca Calzini organized the trip with the support of numerous chaperones in order to provide students with a deeper and first-hand understanding of American history, including the leaders and sacrifices that set America on the path to where it is today .

In Philadelphia, students visited Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence was signed, as well as the Interactive Constitution Center. In Washington, students visited the Capitol, several memorials, the Supreme Court, and the Smithsonian Air and Space, Natural History, American History, and American Indian museums. They also visited Arlington National Cemetery, which is the final resting place of thousands who have served the nation.

“It’s important for students to see the nation’s capital and see our national monuments so they can appreciate the sacrifices Americans have made to create and maintain our democracy,” Calzini said. “It makes them better citizens and it’s a joy to bring them there and share this experience with them.”

The trip exposed students to some of the most significant places in both American history and modern American society and served as an opportunity to make their learning more experiential. It also gave them the opportunity to develop their independence as they explored the cities with less hands-on guidance from chaperones.

“It’s important for kids to have these experiences because travel is a key part of young people’s growth, especially when it comes to the nation’s capital,” said teacher and chaperone Nicko Tzortzis. “It was great to see them participate in the sights of the capital, but they also had the opportunity to meet people outside of the tri-city area and interact with them as well. The kids had a blast!”

Head of the social studies department and trip companion, Eva Urban Hughes, added that she hopes the school community will continue to support this trip and others like it. This year was the first time since 2019 that Masconomet eighth-graders have made the trip, after a hiatus of several years due to the pandemic.

“Citizenship is at the core of the eighth-grade curriculum and this trip underscores the values โ€‹โ€‹of the district’s mission,” Hughes said. “Students who attended the trip will have lasting memories of their experience at Masco High School for a lifetime.”

The group of 246 students was accompanied by 13 chaperones, including Calzini, Hughes and Tzortzis, in addition to Tom Cobb, Lois Afow, Pat Hogan, Tim Brown, Rob Beardsell, Heather Cote, Erica Donovan, Eric Bonnano, Viana Mendes and Jeanne O . ‘Listen.


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