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NEW DELHI: Delhi University on Friday displayed the vacant seat matrix after the completion of the first and second round of admissions under the Common Seat Allocation System (CSAS). In addition, mid-term registration under CSAS is expected to begin on Saturday.

While the seats in the faculties and programs of DU are already filled in the first and second rounds, the remaining vacancies are only in the off-campus faculties. Most of the faculties have already closed the entrance gates. However, there are still some vacancies in the science stream courses.

According to data shared by DU, there are 10 vacancies for Physics (Hons) and seven for Botany (Hons) in the unreserved category at Kirori Mal College. Only two places are still available in Miranda House for Zoology (Honours) and three for Physics.

After the completion of the first and second rounds of admission, the university will give a new opportunity to candidates who could not apply for admission for various reasons. On Saturday, the university will begin interim registration under the Common Seat Allocation System (CSAS) for its third round of allotments.

According to university registrar Vikas Gupta, “Thanks to the interim registration, candidates who did not apply for CSAS Phase I or could not complete Phase II will be able to apply for admission.”

Meanwhile, according to DU data, DU has taken more than 15,000 admissions (15,550) in the second allotment list, while 9,000 candidates (9,626) have received higher preferences in CSAS second round allotments. DU admitted 3,805 new admissions to the second allocation list.

DU second allotment list update

9,626 have higher preferences

3,805 new admissions were received

15,550 admissions received


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