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It’s all in the writing, say representatives of the Mexican government.

Tourism officials in Mexico have asked the U.S. State Department to be more cautious with its travel advisories to the popular border country, saying some areas of the country are much safer than the advisories suggest.


Officials want the warnings to be more concise and specific than they currently are. The broad nature of the warnings is leaving US tourists USA the impression that some areas are lawless. According to a report from Mexico, both the Federal Minister of Tourism, Miguel Torruco, and the Mexican Ambassador to the United States, Esteban Moctezuma, met this Wednesday with officials of the US State Department to discuss the matter.

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In a subsequent press release issued by Mexico under the title “Mexico and United States advance agreements to ensure travel alerts are properly targeted,” it was noted that discussions had begun as early as May.

Some destinations have received “Level 4” warnings from the US State Department, another point of contention for Mexican government representatives. Due to the obvious proximity of the two countries, Mexico derives most of its tourism from the United States.

“We live in an era in which the destiny of countries is not built individually and in isolation, but together with friendly nations. In North America we understand that prosperity and security will be greater and stronger if we work together,” said Torruco.

Angela Kerwin, deputy assistant secretary of the State Department’s Office of Consular Affairs, said that “timely information is the key to promoting tourism … to Mexico. In this way tourists and residents in the United States [in Mexico] they will know the status of the destination they are visiting or where they live in a timely manner”.


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