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Delhi University on Monday received more than 1,000 applications through the University’s Common Seat Allocation System (CSAS) central admission window.

By providing interim entry, candidates who did not apply for CSAS Phase I or were unable to complete Phase II will be able to. stages, participated in the third round of CSAS. The university has given a window of November 5-7 for new candidates to apply for admission and announced that it will start the third round of seat allotment on November 10.

According to university officials, after the second round of seat allotment, 30,662 students have secured their seats with the option of freezing, while 23,139 have decided to upgrade. Delhi University is offering a total of 70,000 undergraduate seats this year. So far, students have secured admission to more than 60,000 places.

“After the second round, 30,662 students lost their seats and 23,139 students chose to advance. Besides, we received 1,008 applications through the interim window,” Dean (Admissions) Haneet Gandhi told PTI.

DU released the list of vacant seats on Friday evening after completing the second round of seat allotment with some seats in several colleges, including the toppers, remaining vacant in the unreserved category. This is the first time that Delhi University is admitting students on the basis of Common University Entrance Test (CUET) at undergraduate level. Until last year, admission was based on the performance of the 12th grade student.


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