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This week: “I grew up on the edge of Surrey with my parents, older sister and younger brother. For a few years after leaving school, I lived in France, running chalets in the winter and traveling in the summer. As much fun as it was, I earned very little money and spent almost all my savings I worked in bars for a while when I came back and lived with friends until I moved in with my parents at the end of that tenancy I recently moved to London with two of my older friends to start a new job in a ski holiday company (non-chalet manager). It’s really exciting to be talking about skiing again after years of working in rubbish bars because I had no idea what I wanted to do.”

Occupation: Operations Executive
Industry: Travel and tourism
Age: 24
Location: London
Salary: £23,000
Check amount: £1,560
Number of housemates: Two
Pronouns: she/her

Monthly Expenses

Housing expenses: €700 rent
Loan payments: £0
Pension? I currently have no pension.
savings? £4,000 (ish)
Utilities: £18 water, £73 council tax, £60 gas and electricity, £10.66 wifi.
All other monthly payments: £5 Spotify, £10 Prescription.


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