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Tech Mahindra is in the final stages of developing its moonlighting policy for employees and will roll it out this month, said Harshwindra Son, the IT services company’s global chief people officer.

The company is considering allowing side gigs as long as they don’t disrupt Tech Mahindra’s work and are only for short periods, such as weekends or a few hours a week, Swain said. who is also its head. of marketing.

After Swiggy, Tech Mahindra will be one of the few companies to have a formal moonlighting policy. In the IT services space, Infosys, which had earlier warned employees against side hustles, recently softened its stance, as reported by ET.

Tech Mahindra’s moonlighting policy will include certain rules — work cannot be competitive, must adhere to the Master Service Agreement or Customer Agreement, require written permission from the company and not be against Tech Mahindra’s interests. Sakti

“One needs to be open about it. If you come and get written permission, that’s allowed, but it needs to be followed through,” Son told ET.

Tech Mahindra’s chief executive, CP Gurnani, said at a post-earnings conference earlier this month that the Mahindra group company has yet to come up with a policy on moonlighting as it has to comply with local laws in more than 90 countries. Should. Where he had his operations.

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Swain said the company has taken action against those not disclosing their side hustle. “For example, if you’ve applied for a job and we think you’re currently moonlighting, we obviously won’t give you the job. We’ve actually turned quite a few people off. “Yes,” he said.

Food delivery company Swiggy announced its moonlighting policy in August. It had said that employees can take up external projects for pro bono or financial consideration based on internal approvals. “This may include activities outside office hours or on weekends that do not affect their productivity at full-time employment or in any way have a conflict of interest with Swiggy’s business,” it said. had said

Attrition slows down.

Tech Mahindra’s quarterly annual attrition rate eased to 16% in the July-September period from 18.1% a quarter ago.

He said this has been helped by initiatives such as employee engagement activities, especially in the last two pandemic years, focusing on jobs in small towns, innovative annual incentives and specific target, quarterly incentives based on results, They said.

Currently, Tech Mahindra has around 10% of its workforce in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities. “We have enabled employees to work from hometowns in tier-2 and 3 cities,” Swain said. The company operates in 2 tier 10 cities with over 5,500 employees.

“During the last two years of the pandemic, employees wanted to be closer to their families. And our value proposition in tier-two cities is that they will always keep you there,” he said.

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