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The number of travelers to Indonesia, South Korea and Japan is increasing rapidly.

Nhu Thi Ngan, CEO of Hanoi Tourism JSC, said that after the pandemic, Vietnamese travelers have fewer destination options due to different pandemic policies implemented by countries. Only countries that have reopened their tourist markets and removed all barriers, such as mandatory tests and quarantine, can attract tourists.

Tours to Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea and Dubai are attractive destinations.

The number of travelers booking trips to Indonesia and South Korea is the highest, as the trips have reasonable fares, between VND 10-17 million per traveler, and the procedures are simple.

According to Ngan, travelers to Bali do not need to be tested for Covid-19 and do not need visas. Meanwhile, South Korea offers a visa-free policy for Vietnamese travelers who book travel with designated travel agencies and enter South Korea at Yang Yang Airport.

Vu Bich Hue of Flamingo Redtours said the outbound market developed significantly after Japan, South Korea and Taiwan (China) began to fully reopen their markets in the fourth quarter.

Tours are chosen by many Vietnamese not only because of invitations and tourism promotion campaigns, but also because the countries are in the most beautiful season of the year: the red leaf season.

Regarding the Japanese market, a representative of a Hanoi-based travel company revealed that the company organizes trips to Japan every week, 25-50 travelers each time. Find travelers to Japan to enjoy spring, with departure time on the first and second day of the Lunar New Year.

At Hanoi Tourism, Nga revealed that the company served nearly 3,000 Vietnamese traveling abroad this year.

A TST Tourist representative said the company’s outbound tourism has recovered by 90 percent. Markets experiencing the strongest growth include Southeast Asia, Europe and the Americas, followed by South Korea and Japan.

Expect outbound tourists to see a sharp jump in late 2023 and fully recover from 2024.

As for Vietravel, its Q3 financial report showed that in September 2022, outbound travel revenue accounted for 50 percent of total revenue, almost equal to the 66 percent share seen in the pre-pandemic period.

Tran Thi Bao Thu of Fiditour-Vietluxtour pointed out that the number of outbound travelers is still not comparable to the years before the pandemic. However, the figure is relatively good compared to the same period last year, after tourism promotion agencies began to actively cooperate with travel companies to advertise and stimulate demand.

According to Ngan, the number of travelers has gradually recovered, but travelers have tightened their purse strings, so demand has not yet increased much.

Meanwhile, travel companies are encountering some problems, including cost increases due to gas prices and exchange rate fluctuations. The price of the US dollar has soared.

However, the situation is expected to improve from 2023. The modest growth is still considered an optimistic sign for the tourism industry.

JNTO (Japan National Tourism Organization) reported that the number of Vietnamese travelers to Japan reached 30,900 in September, a decrease of 19.4 percent compared to the same period in 2019, but an increase of 2,953 percent in comparison with the same period last year.

In the first nine months of the year, as many as 191,500 Vietnamese traveled to Japan, making Vietnam second only to South Korea in the number of foreigners entering Japan.

According to the Singapore Tourism Board, Vietnam ranks fifth among Singapore’s top tourism markets. In 2019, the country received 600,000 Vietnamese travelers, and by the end of August 2022, the number had reached 124,000.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand reported that Vietnam is among the five countries with the highest number of travelers to Thailand, with 324,000 travelers in the first 10 months of 2022.

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