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New Delhi, Nov 15: Leading global smart device brand OPPO India on Tuesday announced that most of its 5G devices now support the latest 5G network of Reliance Jio.

In collaboration with Reliance Jio, OPPO India has developed a product that offers high speed, better reliability, and negligible latency for a better and truer 5G experience.

Also, any 5G device manufactured by OPPO India will now be a single network enabled device, the company said in a statement.

“OPPO India’s commitment to developing the 5G ecosystem in India will empower our users to experience 5G. We are grateful to Jio for their partnership to support us in the same,” said Tasleem Arif, VP and R&D Head, OPPO India. .

“Furthermore, with this development, users in any city with a 5G-enabled network can enjoy the experience. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation to introduce experience through our devices, which make life easier and more convenient,” added Arif.

OPPO India has leveraged its R&D capabilities, innovative capabilities, and strategic partnership with Reliance Jio to fulfill its commitment to be a leading company. new technology for its customers at the launch of 5G in India.

The brand has started rolling out software updates on its 5G-enabled product series across price ranges to support a standalone 5G network.

Software updates for Reno 8, Reno 8 Pro, Reno 7, F21 Pro 5G, F19 Pro+, K10 and A53s devices have already been updated to single network and users can now be sure of 5G coverage throughout the city that has a network. Other models will be opened for individual networks soon, said the company.

OPPO India has also defined new trends and technologies by setting up industry-first 5G field trials across multiple cities at different locations and events to provide its customers use with the most 5G experience.

From the first WhatsApp video call last year, followed by the first VoNR call, OPPO India has been the pioneer of several 5G firsts in India, and is the leader in the number of 5G models related to patents.



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