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Mumbai : Mumbai University’s LLB students are once again facing logistical glitches as the university has recalled nearly 3,000 mark sheets that were distributed with wrong PRNs or permanent registration numbers to final year graduates.

A PRN is a unique 16-digit code assigned to each student for identification during the current course and registration for further admission.

“The technical and printing team at the University of Mumbai were hired on a contract basis, making it difficult to hold them fully responsible for the errors,” said Sachin Bansode, an LLM student at the university.

The mistake leaves Mumbai’s fresh LLB graduates on edge as their further studies hang in the balance until the university redoes the marks after the correction.

“Every year, the university sees several cases of recall and typographical errors, from question papers to the candidate’s name on the mark sheet. No other university will admit students if their mark sheet is riddled with errors,” he added.

According to an official spokesperson of the University of Mumbai, all 3000 students will be returned their marks within 8-10 days.

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