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Travelers busy planning upcoming summer vacation trips or beyond will be pleased to note that popular search engine Google has rolled out new travel-focused features or revamped existing ones to help with research and booking options.

Google Flights: Here travelers could track prices for specific dates between two cities and were informed about price drops for those specific dates. Now, it has been revamped so travelers can track prices to find deals for any date; they will receive an email if Google detects lower than usual rates in the next three to six months.

Google Explore: By default, the tool shows the airfares for the chosen destination. But now it has filters to help plan road trips. Travelers can search for places to go from their chosen destinations by working through filters based on budget, trip duration, useful information about places, and more. During the search, viewers will have to click on a pink dot and a bubble that says “explore nearby”. .

Google Maps: “Interest Layers” added to the map are expected to help travelers choose where they want to stay in the destination of their choice. Filters will help visitors find the best area to stay based on their interest: tourist spots, shopping malls, eateries, universities, etc. The “where to stay” option will provide a convenient neighborhood guide. . As Richard Holden, VP of Travel Products at Google noted on his blog, “For some trips, you may want to easily access a certain landmark or address. You can enter that location in the search bar for hotels or vacation rentals and you’ll see a option to show properties within a 15- or 30-minute drive or walk. This can be useful if you’re going to an event, such as a wedding or conference, and want to be close to the venue.”

Track: While searching on Google Maps, travelers can save the hotels or vacation rentals they’ve been exploring by tapping the bookmark icon. The information will be available in the “saved” tab when you want to refer to it later.

One of the driving forces behind Google’s interest in bolstering its travel-related tools is that search trends have shown that people are interested in travel. “Whether they’re looking for flights, passports or their next vacation destination, travel searches in the first quarter were higher than pre-pandemic levels in the first quarter of 2019,” said Philipp Schindler, Google’s senior vice president and CBO during the first quarter ( T1) of Google’s parent company, Alphabet. Call for results 2022. He also said: “Inquiry growth in categories such as ‘beaches and islands’ is up 27 per cent compared to 2019, while ‘holiday rentals’ is up 37 per cent. Compared to last year, global searches for “passport online” increased by 80 percent, while searches for “travel insurance” doubled.


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