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Mahindra’s latest Scorpio N has already been launched in the Indian market while the facelifted Scorpio Classic has also made its way and is being well received by customers. The brand has already become the best selling SUV brand in India and the waiting period for its SUV is very long which they are trying to reduce with the days.

On top of that, Mahindra, which has two of the best mid-size SUVs in the market in the form of the Mahindra Scorpio and the XUV700, has been seeing strong demand for SUVs from Indians of late. While COVID-19 had a huge impact on the Indian car market in 2022, things have changed a lot and these two new SUVs have fared very well among the new-age Indians.


Mahindra Scorpio N/Classic dominates the Indian market.

Nowadays people are preferring SUV more because of its space and ground clearance, hence, the new Scorpio N and Classic, which have already become very popular, have been well received by the customers who Ready to wait months to get your new Mahindra. car. As you look at October 2022 mid-size SUV sales alone, you’ll see Mahindra dominating sales almost single-handedly.

Scorpio models have clocked 7,438 sales, showing a staggering growth of 125% YoY and alone garnering a maximum market share of 31.57%. On the other hand, the XUV700 also sold 5,815 units, a big bump in resale numbers, thanks to Mahindra’s efforts to boost its manufacturing numbers.

You will be quite surprised to see that these two Mahindra cars alone hold a 56% market share in the growing mid-size SUV market. Tata Motors’ Harrier and Safari get lower sales figures than in 2021, so Mahindra’s dominance continues while Hyundai’s new Alcazar is also attracting heavy interest from buyers.

However, this sales figure reflects the insane popularity of Mahindra and its new-age SUVs that come with advanced features like ADAS that have helped them dominate the SUV market over the years. Also, it is worth mentioning that Mahindra’s Scorpio brand image has been revived with the new 2022 models and people still can’t stop loving the car.

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