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As technology evolves, so does the way we incorporate it into our lives. As such, travel technology company Amadeus has revealed new developments that will affect the way we travel in 2023.

Daniel Batchelor, vice president of global corporate marketing, communications and social responsibility at Amadeus, said “technology enables us to achieve these goals.”

These goals are a combination of people wanting to emphasize human relationships while having a smaller impact on the planet. The travel landscape is changing rapidly thanks to the use of the metaverse and biometrics, which are the tools that enable these goals to be met.

The new trends can be broken down below according to Batchelor:

  • Exploring the metaverse
  • New biometric possibilities
  • The ability to work from anywhere
  • traveling light
  • More opportunities for business linkage

Amadeus predicts that the metaverse will act as a pseudo travel agent in the future. It will enable businesses to take traveler engagement to a new level.

From tailoring specific trips to certain activities, planning trips based on shared tastes, the online virtual world will also offer those to experience virtually before visiting.

Amadeus also predicts that biometric payments through ApplePay and GooglePay will be ubiquitous across all travel verticals. Travelers will be able to use these platforms to pay for everything from leaving their doorstep to shopping. From upgrades, in-flight meals and more through convenient and secure contactless payment solutions.

As people become more aware of their carbon footprint, traveling light is also an emerging trend they see around. Travelers can travel with less luggage and rely on hotels and resorts to rent larger and bulkier gear.

The nomadic lifestyle will also grow in the workplace with the continued increase in countries encouraging digital nomads through visas and incentives.

And last but not least, business travel will return but in a different way. Companies will look to retreats and other alternatives to strengthen relationships outside the office.


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