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However, Howe, the club’s head coach, is not about to congratulate himself, despite following a phenomenal calendar year on the pitch. Instead, the 44-year-old says he’s always looking for “a new angle”.

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Asked if he ever “patted himself on the back”, the United boss said: “It’s probably not one of my strengths. I’m probably very hard on myself in every way, so if the results aren’t good, I’m hard on myself , and if the results are good, I strive for more, because I do not want to rest and be satisfied with my work.

“I want to try to find a new perspective and a new way of inspiring the team.

“Maybe when my managerial career is over – hopefully not for a while – but when it is I’ll be able to look back and maybe say I did well. Until that point, I’ll keep pushing.”

Newcastle United head coach Eddie Howe led the club to fourth place in the Premier League.

“My disappointment, when it comes down to money alone, it will take credit away from the players,” Howe said.

“I’d like to focus a lot more on my players – and how well they’ve performed. The players you mentioned have done great for us – and I haven’t bought them recently.”


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