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god of war Ragnarök is finally available to play after almost four years of waiting. With roughly twenty hours of gameplay required to complete just the main story, Ragnarök is full of content in its wide open world.

About six hours into the game, after unlocking the overworld, players have the option of traveling to Alfheim or Niflheim. Although the characters advise you to be careful with this first important travel option, it’s not as important as it might seem.

The difference of Ragnarök Predecessor to 2018, players need seeds of Yggdrasil to travel between realms, each seed unique to its respective realm. Players acquire these Yggdrasil seeds organically as they progress through the main story and do not need to actively search for this material.

After obtaining the Alfheim and Niflheim seeds, players are faced with a choice. If you’re not sure where to head for your next adventure god of war Ragnarökthis is everything you need to know about traveling to Alfheim or Niflheim.

Should I travel to Alfheim or Niflheim in God of War Ragnarök?

Traveling to Alfheim will advance the main story while Niflheim has various side quests and other leveling and stat boosting activities, which can power up Kratos before further progressing through the main quest line. Once you go to Alfheim, you cannot return to either Niflheim or Svartalfheim until the area is completed.

If you’re dying to continue the main story, then Alfheim is the way to go. If you are a completist or want to see everything god of war Ragnarök has to offer, then Niflheim should be your destination.

Once you select Alfheim, you’ll be on a 90-minute quest in the land of the elves. However, once you’ve completed this main questline, you’re once again free to explore the wider world as you see fit.


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