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It’s all in Oppo’s hands to reverse its sales restrictions

In August, Munich 1 District Court ordered the sale of Oppo and OnePlus in Germany after a dispute with Nokia. This is after the company that owns BBK could not negotiate and renew their 4G cross-licensing contract with the Finnish giant, which, according to Oppo, asked for an unreasonable price renewal to be renewed. Back then, Oppo confirmed to us that it had no intention of leaving the German market and was working with all partners to resolve the issue. Nokia has now contacted us with its side of the story.


The Finnish company confirmed that the Mannheim District Court decided on June 21 and the Munich District Court on August 5, after which the sales ban was used. These courts found Oppo in violation of using Nokia’s patented technology in its smartphones. The company believes that the easiest way for Oppo to resolve the dispute is by extending the license on fair terms. Nokia also offered Oppo an independent and neutral decision, but the latter did not accept it.

Oppo ships around 200 million smartphones annually, with around two million units estimated to ship in Germany. As WinFuture previously reported, Nokia has asked Oppo and OnePlus to pay €2.50 per smartphone sold as a licensing fee. The problem is that in order to comply with the German law, BBK companies must enter into an international agreement with Nokia and pay licensing fees on smartphones sold worldwide. So, in order to sell two million smartphones, the company needs to take a hit on its bottom line or increase the price of its products worldwide.

Apart from Germany, Nokia is also taking legal action against Oppo and other BBK companies in France, UK, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, Spain, and India. If the Finnish company can guarantee a ban on sales in India, Oppo and other BBK companies will have no choice but to negotiate licenses quickly. That’s because India is a key market for BBK, with Realme, OnePlus, and Oppo all being dominant in the country.


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