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Nokia has now scored a Patent suit victory over OPPO in the UK. This comes after Nokia forced OPPO out of the successful German smartphone market after scoring two consecutive Patent lawsuits. We recently reported about Nokia planning to go after OPPO in other markets as well.

Coming to the point now, Nokia has been sent by the UK High Court. In a ruling, a Supreme Court judge found Chinese vendor OPPO in violation of a Nokia patent. This decision could lead to a ban on OPPO smartphone sales in the UK as well.

According to the report, further hearings will consider the arguments made by Nokia and OPPO for even the ban. OPPO may plan to appeal against this decision in the UK even after being sued in Germany.

Mannheim District Court in Germany found OPPO in violation of Nokia’s SEPs covering 4G and 5G technology. This victory not only declared OPPO in violation of Nokia’s SEP Patents but also prohibited it from selling its smartphones in Germany. Nokia may have already sued the offending company OPPO in Australia and other markets.

Nokia filed a patent infringement complaint against OPPO in several markets across Europe and Asia in 2021. Nokia confirmed a multi-year patent deal with OPPO in 2018 that expires in 2021.

In recent times Nokia has signed valuable licensing agreements with the likes of Lenovo, Samsung, Xiaomi, Apple, LG, and Blackberry. You can browse our full range of Nokia patent licenses here.


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