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Clearwater, Florida – NsureHub, a leading US InsureTech company, is pleased to announce today its partnership with Hotel Planner, the leading hotel and travel booking agency for all global travel since 2003, to offer travel deals to customers in NsureHub across the United States. NsureHub’s partnership with Hotel Planner aims to offer exclusive deals on hotels, rental cars and group hotel bookings to its policyholders and customers. Starting today, NsureHub customers can enjoy a 77% discount on negotiated deals that have been consolidated with the best hotel rates available in the market.

Speaking to the president of NsureHub, Álvaro Ortiz, he stated that “Offering special prices on Travel for our customers is a way of building brand loyalty by creating positive moments of appreciation and value. That is good for the bottom line, because happy and repeat customers. tend to spend more and have a higher customer lifetime value (CLV)”

The partnership agreement offers benefits to NsureHub customers that include:

• Better rates on individual hotel bookings and group travel needs when booking 10 rooms per night or more at a hotel of equal or greater quality.

• Saving time in hotel reservations and searching for the best rates.

• Discount for long-term stays

• First-line customer service

• Free event website for groups

Travel discounts are easily accessible through the website www.nsurehub.com and the process is simple and takes less time. The new partnership with Hotel Planner has brought NsureHub together to achieve its goal of simplifying and relieving stress in the lives of its customers. This is one of the many innovative solutions that NsureHub offers to its customers.

For more information, visit www.nsurehub.com.

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