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New York University today sent offers of admission to a talented and diverse group of students from its largest-ever application pool, surpassing 105,000 applications this year (a 5 percent increase over last year).

Only 12.2% of applicants received offers of admission to NYU’s New York campus—another record. Three of NYU’s undergraduate colleges offered admission to fewer than 10% of applicants—including the College of Arts and Sciences (7%), the Stern School of Business (7%), and the Rory Meyers College of Nursing (3%)—of the NYU Record Pool .

“Even with the ongoing challenges of the pandemic, we are inspired by this group, which comes from a wide range of interests, passions and backgrounds to make up one of the most diverse applicant pools in NYU’s history,” said Jonathan Williams, assistant vice president for undergraduate admissions . “With all the turmoil in the world and reasons to be pessimistic about our future, these future leaders and change-makers inspire us to remain hopeful.”

Despite the size and selectivity of its applicant pool, NYU remains steadfast in its commitment to diversity and access to higher education for all talented students. When the first-year class of about 5,700 students arrives on campus this fall, the class will not have a racial or ethnic majority, and the university expects about 66% of the homegrown students on campus to identify as students of color. The admitted class of 2026 comes from 49 states, the District of Columbia and represents 107 countries – five more than last year. 19.4% of the admitted class will be the first in their family to attend college.

Based on projections, more than 1,100 of the incoming class will be Pell Grant recipients, and more than 200 students will be enrolled through the New York State University Science Technology and Education Program (CSTEP) and the Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP), which help the underrepresented. students succeed in their pursuit of higher education with funding and on-campus support services. The university’s ability to support these students has also increased significantly; CSTEP students will receive scholarships this year that will be 45% higher than in 2019.

As students continue to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, NYU, which already has one of the most flexible standardized testing policies in higher education, has continued its policy of COVID-related elective tests for this application cycle and plans to do the same for 2023-2024. Still, the recognized class posted a median SAT score of 1550—another record.

Mr. Williams continued, “NYU’s record selectivity and test scores have not dimmed the admissions team’s passion for each applicant’s unique and compelling stories. One student created a 501(c)3 to address global racial change and has expanded this initiative to 9 countries with over 200 members. Another student started a home delivery program to support his family who lost a source of income due to the pandemic. The bold and resilient nature of our students is the true story of the Class of 2026.”

In the coming weeks, NYU looks forward to offering honors events on campus for the first time since the pandemic began. Through April, NYU will offer a combination of virtual and in-person events to accepted students who must respond to their offers of admission by May 1.


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