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Billionaire businessman Anand Mahindra is among several prominent people who have reacted to the appointment of Indian-born Rishi Shankar as Britain’s next prime minister. The 67-year-old business leader – known for his wit on social media – recalled a comment from Winston Churchill as Sink prepares to take charge of his new post. Churchill, Mahindra suggested, made comments about the Indians’ prowess, which, he further pointed out, proved to be false.

“On the cusp of India’s independence in 1947, Winston Churchill speculated that ‘… all Indian leaders will be men of inferior ability and straw men.’ Today, during the 75th year of our independence, we are ready to anoint a man of Indian origin as the Prime Minister of Great Britain. Life is beautiful…,” read Mahindra’s latest tweet on microblogging site Twitter. Prime Minister Churchill’s name is etched in British history for more than one reason, including bailing out his country during a crisis during World War II. However, he is also remembered for his eccentricities and public comments. which were not well received.

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A statement attributed to Churchill in the British Parliament is: “If India gets independence, power will pass into the hands of scoundrels, scoundrels, free-eaters. All Indian leaders will be men of little ability and straw men. Their tongues There will be sweet and foolish hearts. They will fight for power and India will be lost in political strife. A day will come when even air and water will be taxed in India.

Meanwhile, Mahindra’s tweet on Sink’s appointment received an overwhelming response, with over 70,000 likes and nearly 10,000 retweets. Social media users are calling the historic event – the former colonial country’s “karma” – as many wished Britain a “Happy Diwali” following the political breakthrough. In response to Mahindra’s tweet, one user sarcastically wrote, “I also just emailed Winston Churchill the list of ‘Top Indian Origin CEOs in US Companies’.”

Rishi Sink, 42, will take over from current Prime Minister Liz Truss when she resigns on Thursday amid growing economic uncertainty, fueled by Truss’s economic program that plunged the country into further chaos. Truss was appointed as the leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in the first week of September and now holds the tag of the shortest Prime Minister in the history of the United Kingdom.


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