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This week’s update dives back into resort fees and includes a story detailing the FTC’s anticipated future regulation of fees. While resort fees may not technically be an “online issue,” potential federal regulation will definitely affect hoteliers’ online efforts and the efforts of the many online travel distribution platforms they use. Enjoys.

Biden administration announces plan to address ‘surprise fees’
(President Biden Targets Hotel Resort Fees in Bigger Crackdown), October 27, 2022 via Skift (subscription may be required)
In comments last week, President Joe Biden noted that his administration planned to crack down on “surprise fees,” which Biden said specifically included hotel resort fees. Earlier this month, the Federal Trade Commission issued an Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPR) to begin an administrative rulemaking process to address litter fees. The FTC is now seeking comments on the issue. Copies of the FTC and ANPR press release are attached. We will continue to keep our readers informed of ongoing FTC activities.

Cruise travelers move online
(“Cruise bosses return, urge travel agents to embrace digital: It’s now or never – WIT”, 26 Oct 2022 via Web in Travel)
For years, the cruise industry has been slow to embrace the digital transformation that has taken place with airlines and hotels. The explanation was that cruises (eg, itineraries, vessels, staterooms, tours, etc.) were too complicated and had too many variables to effectively distribute online. Not surprisingly, that view is starting to change as potential passengers increasingly turn to online channels for travel inspiration, planning and researching travel, and now booking. At a recent cruise conference held in Singapore (Cruise World 2022), executives from several cruise lines encouraged travel agents to embrace the transition to online platforms: social media, search, online travel agents, etc. Research presented at the conference also detailed the passengers. growing reliance on online channels (over traditional channels such as travel agencies). to add broadcast information
(“ to add broadcast information to bookings through new partnership,” Oct. 24, 2022 via Skift) (Subscription may be required)
Last week, announced a new partnership with Oslo-based climate technology company CHOOOSE. With the partnership, plans to provide users with broadcast-related information about planned trips, including selected accommodations. Ultimately, hopes to offer users alternatives to offset their identified emissions. No timetable was given for the release of the related broadcasts.

Other news:

Travel apps have work to do to improve customer satisfaction
October 24, 2022 via Phocus Wire
Travel and hospitality apps have some room for improvement when it comes to user satisfaction, according to a recent global survey by IT consultancy Applause.

Understanding the Digital Markets Act (DMA) – FAQ sheet
October 12, 2022 via Foster Garvey Legal Alert
The Digital Markets Act (DMA) was published in the Official Journal on October 12. The DMA aims to create a level playing field for EU companies by regulating big technologies.


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