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It’s been another relatively quiet week in the world of online travel, as evidenced by the stories below. The only obvious exception was the European Commission’s final publication of the much-discussed Digital Markets Act (DMA), which will now come into effect next month. My colleague Eva Novick (who leads our privacy and data security practice team) has put together a very helpful FAQ for those of you who are wondering whether the DMA may apply to you. Even if the DMA does not apply directly to you, it is likely to apply to one or more of the online platforms you use (or may use in the future), particularly Airbnb and enjoys

Booking Holdings moves forward with the acquisition of Etraveli
(“Booking Holdings Notifies Etraveli Deal for EU Approval,” Oct. 12, 2022 via MLex Insights) (subscription may be required)
Following its recent receipt of UK CMA approval for its proposed acquisition, Booking is now moving forward and seeking formal EU acquisition approval. As part of its review, the EU will seek input from a range of industry members. For those of you not familiar with Etraveli, its brands include Gotogate, Mytrip and Flightnetwork, which offer search, booking and fulfillment products and services for flights. Booking Holdings already works with Etraveli to bring its airline deals to Booking, and with the purchase, Glenn Fogel (CEO of Booking Holdings) hopes to make booking flights even more seamless for users (all part of the “connected travel” initiative of Glenn).

Google expands the range of tours and activities available through Maps
(“Google Expands Deeper Maps Features,” Oct. 12, 2022 via Skift) (Subscription may be required)
Users of Google’s wildly popular maps feature will now be able to check tours and activities (and their up-to-date prices) available at a particular location (or even a particular attraction). Those who want to book a tour or activity listed can connect directly with the provider to make their reservation. As “Skift” noted last week, Google’s newly announced approach to tours and activities mirrors a similar transition by Google with hotels.

Other news:

Understanding the Digital Markets Act (DMA) – FAQ sheet
October 12, 2022 via Foster Garvey Legal Alert
The Digital Markets Act (DMA) was published in the Official Journal on October 12. The DMA aims to create a level playing field for EU companies by regulating big technologies.


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