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Oppo smartphones, including OPPO A16E, OPPO F19, OPPO K10 to OPPO A54 are getting huge price cuts during Flipkart Dussehra Sale.

Flipkart’s Big Billion Day sale has just ended and the e-commerce giant has started preparing for its Dussehra sale. The sale is scheduled to start from October 5, 2022. Flipkart will offer exciting deals on a wide range of phones, gadgets and electronics. If you are planning to get a cheap phone, then here is some big news for you! OPPO mobiles will be available on Flipkart with heavy discounts. You will get many beautiful phones under Rs. 10000. You can get your hands on a few 5G smartphones. OPPO A16E, OPPO A16, OPPO A12, OPPO A33, and OPPO F21 will also be cheaper. Check out the exciting discounts on OPPO phones

Flipkart deals on Oppo phones

If you are looking for cheap smartphones then you can go for phones like Oppo A12 or Oppo A33 which come with great features. The sale is offering a discount on this product, reducing the price to Rs. 10490 and Rs. 9990, do. That’s not all, the Oppo A16E has a 32 percent discount, which brings the price down to Rs. 9490 on sale while Oppo A16K is available for Rs. 9489. All these phones come in 32GB, 64 GB and 128 GB storage variants. The prices mentioned above are for the base models only. If you go for the big storage model, you will have to pay accordingly.


In addition, if you are looking for more offers, Oppo has a lot like the Oppo F19 series. Here, Oppo F19 and Oppo F19 Pro have 28 percent and 26 percent lower. This makes the price as low as just Rs. 14990 and Rs. 18990, one. Oppo F19 Pro+ 5G is priced from Rs. In 19959.


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