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Oppo – an OEM with remote customers – has been removed from sales in Germany. Accordingly, OnePlus did the same, pulling all sales from its Germany website. While those with OnePlus and Oppo-branded phones in the region will still see support, new customers will have to look elsewhere for the foreseeable future.

In the first half of July, the court was completed between the Chinese manufacturers, Oppo, and Nokia. Today, Nokia is well known for providing 5G technology and plays a major role in connectivity, especially in Europe. Court cases have determined that Oppo and OnePlus used 5G technology in its smartphones without paying for the necessary patents, essentially stolen by Nokia (via WinFuture ).

After the decision was issued, Oppo went on a path that reflected the decision, trying to prevent itself from being banned from selling smartphones. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like it has been successful, and the decision about Oppo in Germany has been reached.

Regarding the court decision, Nokia said:

Two German Courts have ruled that OPPO is using Nokia patented technology in its smartphones and selling them illegally without a license. Nokia has also been seen to be honest. The easiest way for OPPO to solve this problem is to renew its license of fair content.

Today, it seems that Oppo has followed the court to stop all smartphone sales in Germany, removing the sales portal from its location in the region. Oppo’s Germany website is now like a ghost town, with only a few pages to explore. There is an about page, information on ColorOS, and a support section. The website also has a clear notice informing customers that those who already own Oppo devices will continue to receive regional support, as well as continued updates for their phones. smartphones.

The OnePlus Germany website seems to have a bit of work, although it’s not good. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find that typing “Buy Now” on a smartphone will result in a 404, preventing the customer from continuing.

In contrast to Oppo’s website, OnePlus does not seem to have confirmed the change and seems to have hidden the fact that sales are limited until further notice. This is a big deal because both brands are still famous in the country with OnePlus being more popular, even if they are in the context of the same company.

As for the future of Oppo and OnePlus in Germany and Europe, there is little information to go on. The court dispute is not limited to Germany, so this could be the first domino to fall. However, Oppo can see an appeal to the issue at some point in the future, although it is unlikely that there is no Nokia and Oppo to get more agreement.

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