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OPPO takes its success in India forward with the new OPPO K SeriesOPPO’s India growth story has been phenomenal and the brand has established itself as one of the best brands. Not many brands have rated omnipresence and excellence in less than a decade of their presence in a competitive and dynamic market like India. The company is guided by its global philosophy of “Technology for Mankind, Good for the Earth” where every innovation is seen as a way to bring benefits to the user. Following this legacy, one step further OPPO has launched its latest e-comm focused OPPO K Series in India.
OPPO K Series spearheaded by the amazing OPPO K10 is positioned to meet the needs of the youth and the best online consumers as it brings high-end features at an affordable price. great. The K Series is positioned to strengthen the Brand’s relationship with online users thus continuing to integrate OPPO’s work in the online space.
Ahead of the launch of the OPPO K series, the brand has taken several steps to strengthen its position in the Indian market. Through this article, we will delve into the many facets of OPPO’s journey in India and discover the brand’s success.
Strengthening its Manufacturing Footprint
The company has shown its commitment to the Indian business ecosystem and the “Make in India” initiative by establishing a 110-acre manufacturing facility at Greater Noida. With a strong workforce of more than 10000 people, OPPO’s factory produces more than 6 million smartphones per month during the peak season. The largest Noida Superfactory produces a phone every 3 seconds and is a true testament to the company’s success in India.OPPO takes its success in India forward with the new OPPO K Series
OPPO’s commitment to strengthen its manufacturing base in India is not only driven by numbers but also driven by quality. Every smartphone manufactured at the Great Noida facility has gone through a number of rigorous tests including a drop test where the smartphones are dropped an astonishing 28000 times to test their durability and the hard power test where smartphone performance is measured after 35kg push is used 100 times of it.
With state-of-the-art infrastructure, world-class equipment, quality checks, and efficient employees, OPPO’s manufacturing facilities have been a pillar of OPPO’s remarkable growth.
Innovation with R & D expertise
OPPO India’s R&D center based out of Hyderabad is at the heart of the brand’s commitment to technological innovation. It has developed technologies that cater to the unique needs of Indian consumers.
By enabling technology advancements across various functions such as Camera, and battery, OPPO India R&D has helped put together products that are designed to meet the customer needs. An excellent example of OPPO’s R&D expertise is the K series which brings a variety of advanced features together to provide a superior experience on any smartphone.
OPPO R&D presents a continuous drive to create a strong R&D strategy that not only brings innovation to the Indian audience but also encourages the creation of technology for the whole world.
Driving Consumer Centricity
Another important pillar of the company’s success is its customer-centricity. OPPO has implemented various measures to improve and improve the user experience to cover a wide range of interactions.
For example, with MyOPPOApp the brand has created an important app-based platform to engage with the OPPO community. This initiative has taken the brand to have real value with its users and build long-term relationships.
Another important area of ​​OPPO’s customer strategy is its excellent after-sales service. The brand’s strong offline after-sales service has been replicated into an online model as well. With a dedicated AI-powered Chatbot called ‘Ollie’ available 24X7, customers can solve 94.5% of their queries on their smartphones themselves. OPPO Customer Service has also delivered an unparalleled customer experience by providing customer support in 9 different languages ​​so that customers can be anywhere and Every place gets the best experience of OPPO’s after-sales service.OPPO takes its success in India forward with the new OPPO K Series By taking many of the above measures to provide customers with great value, OPPO has maintained its leadership position. OPPO’s customer-centric approach only adds to the brand’s rapid growth in the Indian market.
Online focus
With Internet penetration increasing, OPPO is also mindful of increasing its digital footprint, thus providing convenience and more options to its customers. He has been working on E-commerce platforms for many years and now focuses on further expanding his online presence and business partnerships. This is one of the main reasons why OPPO launched the K Series in India.OPPO takes its success in India forward with the new OPPO K Series

OPPO K Series sales strategy has been developed intelligently based on online culture with the presence of Flipkart and OPPO online store while making the device available on offline stores starting from the March 29th, 2022. By partnering with Flipkart which has the largest customer base and delivery across the country, the brand has ensured that users across the country can get their hands on the OPPO K10 in the shortest possible time. This will also allow the company to spend more than 40% of all customers who are buying phones online. The strategy will also allow access to traditional stores that still have a strong pull for customers.

Another successful initiative that has brought OPPO products more accessible to consumers is the OPPO Online Store. It gives customers access to more than 80 different OPPO products from the comfort of their homes where they can enjoy safe and respectful online shopping.

The company has also been instrumental in strengthening its retail presence by increasing brick and mortar stores across India. They have supplemented this expansion with a product increase that makes the product accessible to a larger audience.
OPPO K Series: A New Vision
OPPO’s impressive and incredible performance is now reflected in the latest K Series launched a few days ago. This series comes with a strong foundation that allows users to focus on their daily needs through concern, creativity, and financial solutions. The latest offering in this series – OPPO K10 is a feature-packed device with 50MP AI Triple Camera plus AI Enhanced camera features inherited from OPPO flagship phones. With dynamic RAM expansion technology, 33W SUPERVOOCTM lightning-fast charging experience, and 16.73cm (6.59 “) 90Hz Color-Rich Punch-Hole display and OPPO Glow Design the company provides a powerful display of the price starts at INR 14990. The device is aimed at young, energetic, and enthusiastic customers who are tech savvy and love online shopping.

With this holistic and inspiring approach to all aspects of a smartphone, the K Series is set to redefine the industry and secure OPPO’s leadership in the Indian smartphone market.

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