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Chinese smartphone maker OPPO will continue its commitment to the European market despite suspending sales in Germany, its global executives said.

OPPO and its subsidiary OnePlus have stopped selling smartphones and smartwatches in Germany after they lost a patent lawsuit against Finnish telecom player Nokia earlier this month.

Nokia has accused companies of using its patented technology to make 4G and 5G signals without paying for a license. Nokia won a ban on sales in a German court.

“Our long-term commitment to the European and German markets remains the same. There is no impact on our choice of office, and the German office, located in the European hub, will work normal,” said Billy Zhang. , OPPO’s vice president of overseas sales and service.

According to TechCrunch, Realme is “closely monitoring the situation” of Oppo’s patent competition in Germany.

OPPO said it is still serving its existing customers in Germany.

The company said it will “consolidate some resources from Central and Eastern Europe with Western Europe”.

“We are working with the relevant agencies to resolve this ongoing legal issue,” a OnePlus spokesperson said in a statement.

“OnePlus remains committed to the German market and will continue to work for us. In the meantime, OnePlus users in Germany can still enjoy our products and related services such as software updates are ongoing and our after-sales service is the same as before,” the spokesperson said.

The European smartphone market fell by 11 percent (for the year) and 13 percent (of the quarter) to 40 million units in Q2 this year, the lowest since Q2 2020.

Xiaomi and OPPO, hit by China’s lockdown, suffered double-digit YoY declines in their shipments, according to Counterpoint Research.

realme continues its European expansion with double-digit YoY shipment growth in Q2.



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